Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


Student Organizations


The Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management has developed three organizations that present undergraduate students with a variety of leadership opportunities.  Whether it be developing a networking or guest speaker event with alumni, coordinating professional development, or volunteering within the surrounding community, students involved in these organizations gain valuable experiences that assist them in becoming responsible leaders in sport management.  Members of these organizations are Sport Management majors, and non-majors with an interest in Sport Management.  Each student organization has a faculty advisor and receives full support from the Sport Management Department.  Current leadership and contact information for each organization can be found by clicking on the title of each organization below.


Association of Diversity in Sport (ADS)

The only club of its kind in the country, ADS organizes community service outreach opportunities providing club members with hands-on managerial experience.  ADS also provides support for underrepresented students by focusing on issues facing underrepresented populations in sport.


University of Massachusetts Association of Student Sport Managers (UMASSM)
UMASSM is the largest sport management club in the country, with over 50 members.  Through workshops and career fairs coordinated by UMASSM, club members are given the opportunity to connect and network with alumni who are professionals in the sport industry.


Women in Sport Management (WISM)

Women in Sport Management's goal is to help women in the major acquire the skills, knowledge, networks, and confidence necessary to establish themselves in what is currently an predominately male industry. We do this by collaborating with various Isenberg clubs in order to create a tightly knit network. Each semester WISM plans & hosts social events, guest speakers, and workshops.