Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


McCormack Department Honors Track

Sport Management students who meet the University's academic criteria (a GPA of 3.2) have the option of entering the Honors Program to pursue an enriched course of study. Honors courses in Sport Management allow students an opportunity to intensively explore issues, projects, and research in the profession. These courses enable students an opportunity to learn in small seminars with a faculty mentor.

During the junior or senior year, honors students must embark on a "culminating experience".  The Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management offers students three options. Students may either choose to do a thesis (499Y/499T) or an Honors Internship Culminating Experience (499K and 498K) or Event Management (499D). Other Culminating Experience options are available through the school (ISOM) or the university.

Sport Management Research/Thesis Option
The Department Honors track in Sport Management can culminate with the completion of a thesis, usually undertaken during the senior year. If students choose the thesis option, then they must undertake a research project upon which the thesis or project is based. This option is a two-semester sequence which counts as two of the required 6 honors courses (6 credits total). A successful thesis will be archived in the Library.

SPORTMGT 499Y - Honors Research
Interested students are advised to develop a research proposal which they submit for approval to three faculty who have the expertise to provide guidance. Faculty will form the student's research committee. Only the chair of the committee needs to be in the Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management. The Honors Research Form (available at the Honors Office) must be signed by the three sponsors. The committee usually helps the student decide whether to pursue the thesis or project option. A student's research may be part of a faculty member's ongoing research.

SPORTMGT 499T - Honors Thesis
Students present the results of their research in a written thesis. A common minimum is 40 pages, but some theses are 100 pages. Three components must be submitted to the Honors Office after approval by the research committee: manuscript, signed title page, and an abstract of 150 to 350 words. An oral defense completes the thesis. 

Sport Management Internship Option

The Sport Management Honors Internship is a unique opportunity within Commonwealth Honors College. It enables Sport Management majors to get practical experience and to intensively explore an issue or sport organization. To be eligible for the Sport Management Honors Internship capstone, students must first meet with the Honors Coordinator (Crosset) for orientation. Next the student must secure an approved internship with assistance of the internship director. 

Registration The Internship capstone experience is a sequence of courses. Students will sign up for three classes over two semesters

1st semester: SPORTMGT 498 Internship for 9 credits and SPORTMGT 499K Honors Internship for 3 credits. 

2nd semester SPORTMGT 499P for 3 credits

498 plus 499K; 1st Semester  

Students must follow the guidelines outlined in the Sport Management Undergraduate Internship Handbook to complete SPORTMGT 498. An Honors internship 498 plus 499K is different from other sport management internships in the following ways:


1) The semester prior to leaving campus for an internship, honors students must secure a faculty sponsor (full-time sport management faculty member only) and at least one other committee member. Work with the Departmental Honors coordinator to make this arrangement.

2) Prior to leaving for the internship, honors students will write a 5-10 page preliminary research report about the firms where they intend to intern and submit the reports to their faculty sponsor. The content of the report will depend on the learning objectives and long-term goals of the student (see internship handbook), the type of firm/department, and the responsibilities of the intern position. The report should include an historical analysis of the firm and/or industry segment and a description of the strategic challenges facing the firm/industry segment.

3) While on the internship, honors students will contact their faculty sponsors bi-weekly via email. Since a weekly log is required (see internship handbook), these student/faculty email exchanges may use the log as a point of departure. Students are required to respond to faculty comments and advice. A copy of this email communication must be submitted along with the weekly log.

4) To complete SPORTMGT499K students will  submit the internship report outlined in the Internship Handbook that meet both the departmental guidelines and the archiving standards of Honors College .  This report will be graded.  Honors Students will receive 9 credits for 498 based on their submission of their log book and reports from supervisors. SPORTMGT 498 is a pass/fail course.

499P 2nd semester

1) Honors students will register for 499P the semester following their internship experience. During this semester students will critically examine a research question inspired by their internship experience or use their internship experience as a point of departure for a critical case analysis. This research will be combined with the internship report (499K) into the Honors Internship Paper. The Honors Internship Paper will be submitted to the Honors College as evidence of completion of the Honors Capstone Course. Honors students will defend their Honors Internship Paper to their committee in a forum open to the public

Sport Event Management Option

Sport Event Management (499D) is a unique opportunity to complete departmental honors. It enables Sport Management majors to get practical experience in a "lab" setting and to intensively explore organizational development and/or organizational behavior. Students in this course will be putting on a sporting event. Each Spring the students enrolled in this class put on SoccerFest - a large soccer tournament held on campus. Periodically 499D will be offered in the Fall. Fall courses will be assisting in the management of a major sporting event like the Winter X Games.

To be eligible to sign up for 499D, students must first meet with the Honors Coordinator (Crosset) for orientation. Then the student must submit a resume and interview with the professor leading the course (McDonald). If admitted Honors students may take this course as an honors course (492H) or as a "culminating experience" (499D).

Honors Courses


Within the Sport Management Honors Track, a number of opportunities for experiential learning are offered. These learning opportunities provide the student with practical experience in sport, through which to apply the vast theoretical basis of understanding gained in the classroom. See the course descriptions for the following experiential learning classes on the Courses Page:

SPORTMGT 397H - Community Relations in the Sport Industry
SPORTMGT 491H - Sport Event Sponsorship
SPORTMGT 492H - Sport Event Management
SPORTMGT 495H - Advanced Sport Marketing: Sales Strategy

The Sport Management department offers a number of honors seminars. Seminars are limited to 25 students. Examples include:

SPORTMGT 202H - Honors History of Sport Management
SPORTMGT 497H - Advanced Issues in Sport Sociology

Non-honors courses can count for honors credit if (faculty willing) two or more students in the class meet for an additional hour a week with the faculty member. In addition, with the assistance of a Commonwealth Honors College advisor and a full time faculty member students may create a 1-3 credit independent study course.

If you are interested in the honors track and have questions, contact Prof. Todd Crosset at