Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


PhD Research Seminar Series

The Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg conducts an ongoing Research Seminar Series. The purpose of the series is to grow and support the academic research climate within the Department, for both faculty and PhD students. Numerous speakers are scheduled each year.


Past Speakers include:


Dr. Marijke Taks, University of Windsor, current editor of the European Sport Management Quarterly:  "The (non)sense of Including Local Residents in Economic Impact Studies of Sport Events".


Dr. Heather Gibson, University of Florida: "Let?s Talk Small-Scale Event Sport Tourism:

Participants; Benefits; Age; Event Portfolios; Sustainable Development and more???".


Kevin Snyder, University of Massachusetts PhD Candidate: "Virtual Marketing: Knowledge and Consumption through Video Games".


David Tyler, University of Massachusetts Amherst Ph.D. Candidate and Dr. Sheranne Fairley, UMass: "Cultural Learning Through a Short-Term Study Abroad".


Mark Groza, University of Massachusetts Amherst Ph.D. Candidate: "NCAA Conference Realignment and Football Game Day Attendance".


Dr. Mark McDonald, UMass and Dr. Jess Dixon, University of Windsor (Canada) "Applying RBV Analysis to MLB: Investigating the Impact of Non-Human Resources on Performance".


Dr. Kevin Filo, UMass: "Motivating Charity Sport Event Participants to Take Action".


Glenn Wong, UMass: "The Legal and Business Aspects of Career Ending Disability Insurance Policies in Professional and College Sports".


Dr. Pamm Kellett, Deakin University (Australia): "Sport and drought: Managing the physiological, social, and governance impact".


Lisa Masteralexis, University of Massachusetts Amherst: "Commercialism and Division I Football and Basketball: Implications for Collective Bargaining in Collegiate Sport".


Steve McKelvey, Sheranne Fairley, and Mark Groza, University of Massachusetts Amherst: "Caught in the web?: An exploratory study of university athletic program websites and the communication of trademark rights issues".


Nola Agha, University of Massachusetts Amherst Ph.D. Student: "Investing in Sports: A Wise Economic Strategy".


Joe Cobbs and David Tyler, University of Massachusetts Amherst Ph.D. Students: "Understanding Sports Rivalry".


Sheranne Fairley, University of Massachusetts Amherst: "The Fanatics: National Identity and the traveling Fan".


Neil Longley, University of Massachusetts Amherst: "The Impacts of Coworker Heterogeneity on Firm-Level Productivity: Assessing the Impacts of Cultural and Language Diversity in the National Hockey League".
Laurence Chalip, University of Texas, Austin: "Preventing obesity through social marketing".

Alan Klein, Northeastern University: "Globalization in Major League Baseball".

Linda Sharp, University of Northern Colorado: "The National Football League and Its "Culture of Intoxication: A Negligent Marketing Analysis of Verni v. Lanzaro".

Rob Simmons, Lancaster University Business School (UK): "Freedom of entry, market size and competitive outcome: evidence from English soccer".

Anita Moorman, University of Louisville: "An examination of the legal framework between Title VII and Title IX sexual harassment claims in athletics and sport settings: Emerging challenges for athletics personnel and sport managers".

Chris Green, University of Texas, Austin: "Understanding the Effects of Emotional Appeals on Health Promotions: Can fear and disgust promote physical activity"?

Marvin Washington, University of Alberta (Canada):"The dynamics of status structure and its organizational consequences: The U.S. College Football Bowl Organizations, 1902-2005".

Tracy Harrison-Hill, Griffith University (Australia): "Sport Tourism: Understanding the experience of packaged tour participants during the 2004 Athens Olympics".


Todd Crosset, University of Massachusetts: "When Underfunded, Rag-tag Coalitions Beat the Power Elite: Why Some Citizen Groups Derail Stadium Developments".