Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg

Name:  Payton Adams  

Hometown:  Farmersville, Texas              

Alma Mater:  Henderson State University            

Undergraduate Degree: Marketing                       

Career Aspirations:  To be an Athletics Director at a BCS level university.               

Dream Job:  AD at the University of Texas           

Why UMass?  When researching Sports Management programs across the country, every website and newsletter referenced UMass. After visiting, it was apparent that the faculty and students are second to none. I knew this is where I needed to be. 

Person Most Admired:  Tony Dungy- He was able to get the most out of his players in a classy and respectful manner. He believed in excellence in every aspect of a person's life.      

Last Non-Text Book Read: Bowled Over by Michael Oriard          

Currently on iPod:  Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke, Christ is Risen - Matt Maher, Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men

Name:  Paul Anderson  

Hometown:  SugarLand, TX        

Alma Mater:  University of Texas             

Undergraduate Degree: Theatre                            

Career Aspirations:  To work in scouting and player development for an MLS club. 

Dream Job: President of the U.S. Soccer Federation       

Why UMass?  UMass offers a depth of connection to the industry that is unmatched in sport management programs across the U.S. 

Person Most Admired:  Billy Beane- his prescience in breaking the MLB mold for player recruitment.

Last Non-Text Book Read: License to Deal by Jerry Crasnick        

Currently on iPod:  Anamanaguchi, Protest the Hero, Coheed and Cambria

Name:  Jill Campbell       

Hometown:  Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

Alma Mater:  Bowdoin College  

Undergraduate Degree: Neurobiology, Teaching                            

Career Aspirations: College Athletic Director

Dream Job: NHL video montage produce             

Why UMass?  The prestige of the program and strong alumni network  

Person Most Admired:  Brian Burke, a well-respected leader in the NHL and a major supporter of the YouCanPlay project.               

Last Non-Text Book Read: They Call Me Coach - John Wooden 

Currently on iPod:  Journey, Mumford and Sons, The Tragically Hip

Name:  Yi-Wen Chen     

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan         

Alma Mater:  National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan      

Undergraduate Degree: Medical Biotechnology              

Career Aspirations:  Working in the global marketing department of the front office of the NBA.              

Dream Job:  Sports agent.

Why UMass?  Its strong alumni network, the reputation in Sport Management, and its solid courses.

Person Most Admired:  Michael Jordan. He is one of the best basketball players ever. He is talented, but he is also working harder than anyone else.           

Last Non-Text Book Read: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 

Currently on iPod:  When I was your man - Bruno Mars, How we roll - Fast Five Soundtrack

Name:  Kevin Czepiel    

Hometown:  Holyoke, MA          

Alma Mater: University of Massachusetts

Undergraduate Degree: Business Management 

Career Aspirations:  To be an influential and successful person in the sports industry.

Dream Job: General Manager in the NHL

Why UMass?  Being an undergraduate at UMASS, I learned a lot about the Sports Management program and their track record for developing leaders in the sports industry.

Person Most Admired:  Hard to name a person I don't know that I admire. I would have to say my college coaches that influenced my development not only on the ice, but that have shown me the tools and skills needed to be successful going forward.            

Last Non-Text Book Read: Mind Gym

Currently on iPod:  Night Train by Jason Aldean, Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray, Headband by B.o.B

Name:  Carly Dudzik       

Hometown:  Darien, CT

Alma Mater:  Amherst College  

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology                      

Career Aspirations:  Working for a Division III college or for the NCAA. Working for a Sports Marketing Agency.

Dream Job: President of a Sports Marketing Agency.

Why UMass?  Its excellent reputation and extensive alumni network.   

Person Most Admired:  Mike Krzyzewski, for his exceptional leadership skills and continuous coaching success.

Last Non-Text Book Read: Wonder Girl by Don Van Natta Jr.      

Currently on iPod:  The Kooks, Queen, Mumford & Sons

Name:  Pierce Larsson  

Hometown:  Los Angeles, California       

Alma Mater:  Tufts University    

Undergraduate Degree: Sociology                         

Career Aspirations:   Ultimately, I would like to work in the front office of an NBA franchise. My preferred areas of focus are operations and analytics.

Dream Job:  G.M. of the LA Lakers.

Why UMass:  I feel that UMASS provides the most comprehensive alumni network combined with professors who are leaders in their respective fields. My classmates are all highly engaged individuals who challenge me and help me grow as a student. I believe that the combination of these elements creates the best possible learning environment for potential sports managers in the country.    

Person Most Admired:  I have always admired Mark Cuban, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks. In an industry where owners are generally rewarded for taking the "safe" path, Cuban has never been afraid to take risks. He is not always right and his brash outspoken nature has often been detrimental to his public image. However, he has never been afraid to speak his mind and defend the process of his thinking, even if the results do not turn out the way he anticipated.       

Last Non-Text Book Read: Night Film 

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Name:  Alice Lee             

Hometown:  Northampton, MA               

Alma Mater:  Central Connecticut State University          

Undergraduate Degree: Management (Entrepreneurship)                        

Career Aspirations:  Head Women's Lacrosse Coach/Athletics Administrator at a DIII institution, or Sports Event Management/Marketing. My career aspirations are still undecided, but I know it will involve sports in some shape or form.

Dream Job:  CEO of Nike. Boom.              

Why UMass?  Its reputation and alumni network is unparalleled. I know that UMASS can prepare me for whichever sports avenue I choose to pursue.          

Person Most Admired:  The Williams sisters-both consistently two of the best players in the game, despite their non-traditional upbringing and the adversity they faced along the way. Their athleticism and skill has changed the game of women's tennis, as well as their moral convictions; Venus successfully advocated for equal pay at Wimbledon, a fight that began with Billie Jean King, and both the sisters' continual boycott of The Indian Wells tournament despite industry and social pressure. The Williams sisters are also both vegan, so that's a feat in itself!   

Last Non-Text Book Read: Life after Life by Kate Atkinson           

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Name:  Jesse Maple      

Hometown:  St. Louis, MO          

Alma Mater:  University of Minnesota   

Undergraduate Degree: Journalism and French Studies                               

Career Aspirations:  I'd like to work in media production, event management or programming for NBC Sports or Universal Sports - anything to do with Olympic Sport programming. I am also considering athlete rep or product development in a competitive swimwear company like Speedo, TYR or Arena.  Dream Job: Anthony Bourdain's job, but not everyone can have it all.              

Why UMass?  The University of Massachusetts has a great relationship with Amherst College, where I am the coach of the Men's and Women's Diving team. I am able to work and pursue my studies at the same time, which is important to me as a Graduate Student. The Sport Management department is also regarded as one of the best in the country, with top-notch professors and facilities - it's an exciting and interactive learning environment. Additionally, the program has an incredibly diverse and successful alumni network which is a huge help when entering the professional world.              

Person Most Admired:  Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. An academic and historian, he created a world stage to showcase and exalt individuals that push the boundaries of human potential. A sport purist, he believed sport and physical education to be a foundation of human development.     

Last Non-Text Book Read: Look at Me by Jennifer Egan

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Name:  Jason Pugh         

Hometown:  Shreveport, LA      

Alma Mater:  University of Louisiana-Lafayette 

Undergraduate Degree: Journalism                       

Career Aspirations:  To work on the operations side of a Major League Baseball franchise

Dream Job: General Manager of an MLB team  

Why UMass?  The program's reputation speaks for itself. The alumni network is second to none, and the school's location is perfectly situated between two of the country's biggest and best sports markets (Boston and New York).               

Person Most Admired:  Pat Gillick. He has built multiple World Series champions in markets where success had been lacking both before and after his tenures.           

Last Non-Text Book Read: The Last Best League by Jim Collins   

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Name:  Elnaz Shah Rokhi              

Hometown:  Tehran, Iran            

Alma Mater:  Sharif University of Technology     

Degree:  Industrial Engineering- System Analysis Concentration MBA     

Dream Job:  To work in the marketing department of a MLS franchise or in a soccer marketing firm, Chief Marketing Officer of a MLS franchise           

Why UMass?  Because of the reputation of the program in the sport industry, credibility of faculty and alumni, networking opportunities, and internship, mentoring and experiential learning programs            

Person Most Admired:  Eric Abidal, because he's not only a great player but also a warrior. His fight against cancer and his return to soccer soon after a liver transplant was really inspiring.              

Last Non-Text Book Read: The Paradox of Choice           

Currently on iPod:  30 Seconds To Mars-Pink- Lana Del Ray

Name:  Erin West            

Hometown:  Davis, CA  

Alma Mater: University of California, San Diego

Undergraduate Degree: Communications

Career Aspirations:  Community Relations for a MLB or NFL team.

Dream Job:  Director of Community Relations for the San Francisco Giants           

Why UMass?  The prestige of the program and faculty along with the invaluable resource of the extensive alumni network.

Person Most Admired:  Rich Fellers, an American Professional Show Jumper, who has brought his horse Flexible back from several major injuries to the top of the sport. He has stayed very true to himself, followed his own career path based in the West Coast, and has overcome many obstacles to have an incredibly prolific career.             

Last Non-Text Book Read: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas        

Currently on iPod:  Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters & Men