Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg

David (DJ) Jauss

Hometown: West Roxbury, MA

Alma Mater: East Carolina University

Undergraduate Major(s): Business Management

Career Aspirations: Baseball operations for an MLB team

Dream Job: General manager of an MLB team

Why UMass?: The prestige of the program within the baseball world

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: As opposed to an individual, I admire every executive in the MLB for succeeding in such a difficult industry and hope I can learn from those who have come before me to positively impact my path.

Last book read, non-text-book: Mind Gym by Gary Mack



Efren Ramirez Lagos

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Alma Mater: Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Undergraduate Major(s): Industrial Engineering

Previous Work Experience:  Regional Booker and head of 3D cinema for Mexico at Paramount Pictures Mexico [May 2008 - June 2011], Venue Manager at XVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011 [July - December 2011], Event Coordinator Jr. at Grupo CIE [February - April 2012].

Career Aspirations: Working in the MLS of FIFA and becoming a leading figure in the soccer industry.  Working for a Sports Marketing Consulting firm.

Dream Job: GM of a MLS team, working for FIFA.

Why UMass?: The Program's reputation, its amazing alumni network, the opportunity of the dual degree program (MBA/MS in Sport Management), and the outstanding faculty.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: Johan Cruyff. Because he not only succeeded at playing and coaching soccer, he went further and created his own Sports Management Institute, which is worldwide recognized.

Last book read, non-text-book:  The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow



Joe Mason

Hometown: Rochester, NY  

Alma Mater:  Ithaca College

Undergraduate Major(s):  Business Administration, Finance

Previous Work Experience:  Financial Planner, Centra Financial Group 2009-2012 

Career Aspirations:  Front Office operations for a NFL or NBA franchise.  

Dream Job:  GM of the Oakland Raiders

Why UMass?:  When one looks at the best sports management programs, UMASS immediately comes up.  The long list of distinguished alumni is invaluable in creating future relationships to prosper in the sports industry.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why:  Phil Jackson, 11 time NBA Championship Coach and 2 time NBA Championship player.  His commitment to perfection and ability to manage talent is second to none.

Last book read, non-text-book:  When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead: Useful Stories From a Persuasive Man, by Jerry Weintraub




Michael Matt

Hometown: New Hartford, N.Y.

Alma Mater: Hamilton College

Undergraduate Major(s): Economics, Spanish

Previous Work Experience: Assistant Sports Information Director at Hamilton College

Career Aspirations: Work in the front office of a Major League Baseball team or as Director of Athletics at a Division III school.

Dream Job: GM of the New York Yankees

Why UMass?: I chose UMass because of the valuable dual degree option and the program's reputation as one of the best in the nation. The high quality of the faculty and the extent of the alumni network were also important factors.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: Derek Jeter. He has been my favorite player ever since I can remember. To have that kind of success over such a long period of time is remarkable, and I really respect his work ethic and winning personality.

Last book read, non-text-book: Scorecasting, Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim



Matthew Meehan

Hometown: Melville, NY

Alma Mater: University of South Carolina

Undergraduate Major(s): Sport & Entertainment Management

Previous Work Experience: Customer Service Representative with Eyeking, LLC. Intern with Ultimate Fighting Championship, Houston Texans, and Long Island Ducks.

Career Aspirations: To put my marketing skills and interests to the test in the professional sports industry.

Dream Job: President of a Major League Soccer franchise.

Why UMass?: For the unparalleled alumni network, the outstanding reputation in the sports industry, and the opportunity to earn an MBA specifically tailored to this unique business.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: Mario Lemieux, for excelling both on the ice and in the front office. The very embodiment of a hero, he beat cancer and led the NHL in scoring in the same season. 

Last book read, non-text-book: Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski



Emily Alison Hatfield Rawdon

Hometown: Georgetown, KY

Alma Mater & Undergraduate Major(s): Colgate University 2010, English & Studio Art - Photography; The Art Institute of Chicago, Studio Art - Multimedia Performance

Previous Work Experience: Sales Specialist at Victoria's Secret; Communications Intern and Team Photographer at the Chicago Fire; Student Associate Sports Information Director at Colgate University

Career Aspirations: To work in the marketing department of the front office of a NFL or NHL franchise.

Dream Job: President of the Cincinnati Bengals

Why UMass?: A combination of the alumni network and the dual degree program option.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: Josh Harrellson for working extremely hard to overcome constant setbacks to achieve a professional basketball career.

Last book read, non-text-book: A User's Guide to the Brain: Perception, Attention, and the Four Theaters of the Brain by John J. Ratey


Katherine Saylor

Hometown: San Diego, California

Alma Mater: Wellesley College

Undergraduate Major(s): Art History

Previous Work Experience:  Assistant Lacrosse Coach and Recreation Program Coordinator (Wellesley College)

Career Aspirations: Athletic Director for a Division III School or meaningful work within Sports Marketing

Dream Job: Advertising Executive at a top sports consumer goods company

Why UMass?: It's the best for sport management, and made even better by the dual degree (MBA/MS) track.  When I tell people I am in this program they already know that I'm qualified and working with the best in the country for sport management.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: Pat Summit- an incredible coach who broke through a lot of barriers placed on women during her time as a coach.  She also took a brave step when she announced to the world that she was struggling with early onset Alzheimers.  Her courage will help bring awareness to that disease, and it solidified her as a difference maker on and off the court.

Last book read, non-text-book:  The China Study by T. Colin Campbell


Yun-Lun (Ivory) Wu

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Alma Mater: National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major(s): Computer Science

Previous Work Experience:  System Engineer, World Group(Tokyo)

Career Aspirations: Supporting Asian baseball players to succeed in MLB or working in an agency company which represents professional baseball players. *Dream Job:* Agent of baseball players in MLB.

Why UMass?: The reputation in Sports Management, the strong alumni network and the MBA/MS dual degree.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: Steffi Graf, she is my sport hero and the inspiration which encourage me to step into the field of Sports. Her self-disciplined attitude as a professional tennis player and the magnificent success as one of the greatest female tennis players set an ideal model for my expectation for my career.

Last book read, non-text-book: The Wings of the Kirin, Keigo Higashino


Yuyan (Yaya) Yang 

Hometown:  China, Chongqing

Alma Mater: Southwest University of Politic Science and Law

Undergraduate Major(s): Law

Previous Work Experience: 3-years in NIVEA sales department, as the sales director of Chongqing City, China

Career Aspirations: Work with top Professional Soccer teams and serve for World Cup and Olympic Games

Dream Job: Get into the International Olympic Committee

Why UMass?: The professors are nice, and there are lots of internship opportunities and job information. The students are great here, I love this program.

Person most admired in the sports industry and why: Yaping Deng. She had won all the gold during her sports life, but the most important thing is she got a PHD degree in Cambridge. And now she works for the International Olympic Committee.

Last book read, non-text-book:  Nothing to Envy