Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


Name:  Brittney Antozzi               

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA              

Alma Mater:  Virginia Tech          

Undergraduate Degree: Business Management, Psychology                     

Career Aspirations:  I would like to work in facility management/operations.

Dream Job:  To be the GM of a sports arena or stadium.

Why UMass? The dual program attracted me here originally. This was the only program I applied to that was not a full-time MBA. Once I visited/interviewed, and saw everything UMass had to offer in terms of resources and connections into the sports world, I knew I wanted to be a part of this program.              

Person Most Admired:  Pat Summit. She is a standout in her entire profession, not just women's basketball. She is a leader and a role model for her players, family, friends, and fans. She is respected by everyone in the sports community. And she is someone that I have looked up to for the majority of my life.     

Last Non-Text Book Read: The Alex Cross series by James Patterson


Name:  Felipe Assef dos Santos

Hometown:  Santos -SP- Brazil  

Alma Mater: ESPM-Brazil            

Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing                   

Career Aspirations:  Work in the United States after graduating and eventually go back to Brasil and start my own Sports Marketing agency.

Dream Job: Sports relations.             

Why UMass?  Best program in the world when it comes to Sports Management with an outstanding Alumni base.              

Person Most Admired: My Father

Last Non-Text Book Read: Julius Caesar's trilogy              

Currently on iPod: John Mayer, Jarabe de Palo, Mario Bion

Name:  Michael Bowen

Hometown:  Acworth, GA           

Alma Mater:  BYU           

Undergraduate Degree: Business Management                              

Career Aspirations:  Athletic Director     

Dream Job:  Athletic Director     

Why UMass:  Best Dual program in the country 

Person Most Admired:   Bob Stoops - Always stands for what is right and what he believes   

Last Non-Text Book Read: Dan Brown - Inferno

Currently on iPod:  Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band


Name: Livia Branga-Peicu

Hometown:  Bucharest, Romania

Alma Mater: National University of Physical Education and Sport (Bucharest)     

Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration; Kinetotherapy                            

Career Aspirations:  Use sports to change the world for the better.

Why UMass?  In my opinion, UMass has the best Sports Management program in the United States. Great alumni and internship opportunities. Also, an enriching learning environment. 

Person Most Admired:  Terry Fox - he used sport to make a difference in our world. Check out:                             

Last Non-Textbook Read: Creativitate ca mod de viata

Currently on iPod:  Coldplay and David Guetta

Name:  Richard Conway               

Hometown:  Toronto, Canada   

Alma Mater: University of Calgary          

Undergraduate Degree: Biochemistry; minor in Business                            

Career Aspirations:  Front Office/International Operations for MLB team, MLB Front Office.       

Why UMass?  The program fits well with my career goals, has a great alumni network within the baseball industry, and has an excellent reputation.              

Person Most Admired: There isn't one person, but given the difficulty of making it in sports, anyone within baseball (or any sport) that manages to earn a career in their respective industry.             

Last Non-Textbook Read: Intangibles by Geoff Miller   

Currently on iPod:  Of Monsters and Men, Tom Petty, The Wallflowers


Name:  Joe Doody          

Hometown:  South Hadley, MA

Alma Mater:  Bates College        

Undergraduate Degree: Rhetoric, Minor in Economics                  

Career Aspirations:  Work for a sports marketing firm/sports agency. 

Dream Job: President of a marketing firm or sports agency.

Why UMass:  I grew up in the area, so I've known for several years that the Sport Management program at UMass is one of the best in the country, and the dual degree (MBA/MS Sport Management) is one of the only ones of its kind. I previously worked in the UMass Athletic Department, so I became even more familiar with the campus and the program and it felt like a great fit.    

Person Most Admired: Ben Cherington, Red Sox General Manager. He has a great story. He got hurt during his junior year at Amherst College, but didn't let that get him down. He stayed on as a pitching coach and flourished in that role. He went on to the Sport Management program here at UMass, spent several years in scouting/player development, then, in his first two seasons as the Red Sox GM, he turned the organization around. It's a great display of rolling with the punches and making the best with what you have.

Last Non-Textbook Read: Stephen Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You)     

Currently on iPod: Queen- Don't Stop Me Now, Kesha- Die Young, Imagine Dragons- Radioactive

Name:  Julie Gordon      

Hometown:  Madison, CT            

Alma Mater:  University of Rochester    

Undergraduate Degree: Electrical and Computer Engineering                   

Career Aspirations:  To support athletes and to work towards making sports accessible to everyone.

Dream Job:  IOC             

Why UMass?  The Sports Management program is superior in this industry.  The opportunities and experiences that it provides can't be found in any other program.              

Person Most Admired:  Billy Jean King, because throughout her career, on and off the court, she has been an advocate for equality in sports.  She won the Battle of the Sexes, as a player, and later founded the Women's Sports Foundation, which supports female athletes at all levels.             

Last Non-Textbook Read: Last Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan      

Currently on iPod:  Sara Bareilles, Hunter Hayes, Zac Brown Band

Name:  Josh Mack          

Hometown: Andover, MA          

Alma Mater: University of Michigan      

Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration                            

Career Aspirations: To work in the front office of a professional basketball team.            

Dream Job: GM of the Boston Celtics     

Why UMass?  The fantastic option to combine an MBA with an MS in Sport Management. UMASS is nationally known as one, if not the best Sport Management program in the country, and I couldn't think of a better place to work towards my professional goals.     

Person Most Admired: Danny Ainge, because of his ability to navigate the salary cap and consistently put together a team capable of challenging for an NBA title.     

Last Non-Text Book Read: Francona: The Red Sox Years               

Currently on iPod: Don't Drink the Water- Dave Matthews Band, Otherside- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Name:  Dominic Macklin              

Hometown:  Manchester, England          

Alma Mater: Cambridge University (Jesus College)          

Undergraduate Degree: Geography                      

Career Aspirations:  Work in collegiate athletics or within the marketing department of a professional franchise.               

Dream Job:  Athletic Director at a Division 1 School          

Why UMass?  The reputation of the program, not just within the U.S. but around the world makes a degree earned here hugely valuable. The strength of the alumni network and the contact the department maintains with them was also a major attraction. 

Person Most Admired:  Brian O'Driscoll. His relentless work ethic and commitment to success has seen him play a vital role in the transformation of Irish rugby over the past 10 years. To achieve over 100 caps for his country and to tour with the British and Irish Lions 4 times is testament to his unwavering high standards.          

Last Non-Textbook Read: 7 Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong (David Walsh) 

Currently on iPod:  Jake Bugg, Arctic Monkeys, Bruce Springsteen

Name:  Nikunj Merchant             

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Alma Mater: University of Mumbai         

Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Life Sciences          

Graduate Degree: M.S. Environmental Science 

Career Aspirations:  Want to be a part of the European football (soccer) industry

Dream Job: CEO at Arsenal FC   

Why UMass? The MBA/MS dual degree option at UMass is an attractive option as it gives one an edge over others in a crowded job market. Strong alumni network spread throughout every sport that helps in getting internships and jobs. Reputation of the program as being one of the top two in the country. Great faculty. Availability of assistantships in order to finance one's education.

Person Most Admired: Michael Schumacher - For being dominant, intelligent, classy and humble all throughout his amazing Formula 1 career.

Last Non-Textbook Read:  So Paddy got up - An Arsenal Anthology 

Currently on iPod:  Armin van Buuren, Iron Maiden, Metallica

Name:  Olivia Pennell    

Hometown: Sacramento, CA     

Alma Mater: University of Nevada          

Undergraduate Degree: Economics                       

Career Aspirations:  Promote athlete personal and professional development while giving back to the community.

Dream Job:  AD of College athletics program.

Why UMass:  I chose UMass because it is the leader in sports management education. The opportunity to pursue an MBA and an MS is exactly what I was looking for in a graduate program. The unmatched alumni network, outstanding faculty, and close-knit community made this program an obvious choice.    

Person Most Admired: I admire Jack Nicklaus for his dedication to excellence in sport and community involvement.  His athletic ability and philanthropic activities are among the most admirable in the sports industry.        

Last Non-Text Book Read: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Goodbye Town by Lady Antebellum

Currently on iPod: Hotel California by The Eagles, On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Name:  Joe Smith            

Hometown:  Woburn, MA          

Alma Mater:  Harvard    

Undergraduate Degree: Economics                       

Career Aspirations:  President/GM of a World Series or Stanley Cup Champion 

Dream Job: Owner of the Boston Red Sox   

Why UMass?  The unique opportunities and experiences provided by the dual-degree program and deeply connected alumni network.       

Person Most Admired:  Mark Cuban, for combining his passion for sports and technology with his business acumen to become successful in a variety of arenas.       

Last Non-Text Book Read: Citizenville by Gavin Newsom              

Currently on iPod:  Brad Paisley, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty