Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg

Nefertiti Walker

Nefertiti A. Walker  

Assistant Professor

Telephone: 413-545-5012


Office: Isenberg 236L


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Ph.D., University of Florida

M.B.A., Stetson University

B.A., Stetson University

Research/Teaching Interests:

Organizational behavior issues in sports
Gender dynamics in sports and human resource management
The underrepresentation of women in the male dominated sports workplace

Refereed Journal Articles

Walker, N. A., & Sartore-Baldwin, M. (2013). Hegemonic masculinity and the institutionalized bias of women in men’s collegiate basketball: What do men think? Journal of Sport Management. 27(4), 303-315.
Menaker, B. E., & Walker, N. A. (2013). “I don't feel that women are capable of coaching a men's team”: Impact of hegemonic masculinity on collegiate coaching perceptions. Journal of Contemporary Athletics,7(1), 37-49.

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Walker, N. A., Bopp, T., & Sagas, M. (2011). Gender bias in the perception of women as collegiate men’s basketball coaches. Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, 5(2), 157-176.


Book Chapters:

Walker, N. A. (2013). Taking account of race. In Sartore-Baldwin, M. L. (Ed.), Sexual Minorities in Sport: Prejudice at Play (pp.73-86). Lynne Rienner Publishers. Boulder, CO. 

Walker, N. A., & Wells, J. (2010). Children and youth sports. In G. B. Cunningham & J. N. Singer (Eds.), Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity (pp. 191-207). College Station, TX: Center for Sport Management Research and Education.


International and National Presentations:

Walker, N. A., Colas, L. K., Mendoza, J., & Fagan, K. (2013) The Griner Effect: Breaking Down Barriers in Women’s Sports. espnW. Women + Sports Summit, Dana Point, CA. 


Walker, N. A., & Agyemang, K. A. (2013). Privilege gets your foot in the door: A Multilevel examination of institutionalization in Sport Management Careers. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management, Austin, TX.


Walker, N. A. (2012). Sport Management – Challenges for Brazilian Universities. Presented at Sports I International Conference on Entertainment and Sport Management- UNINOVE, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Walker, N. A., & Melton, E. N. (2012). Negotiating the Triple Threat: The Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Women’s College Sports. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management, Seattle, WA.


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Wells, J. E., Welty Peachey, J., & Walker, N. A. (2012). The impact of leadership behavior, gender, effectiveness, and subordinate satisfaction on turnover intentions: A structural analysis. Paper presented at the North American Society for Sport Management, Seattle, WA.


Melton, N. E., Walker, N. A., & Steward, A. D. (2012). The Triple Threat: Examining the Influence of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation on Hiring Recommendations in Women’s Sport. Paper presented at the 5th Annual College Sport Research Institute Conference on College Sport, Chapel Hill, NC.


Walker, N. A. (moderator), Staurowsky, E., Fink, J. S., & Zeigler, C. (2012). Intersection of LGBT athletes and the media. Panel presented at the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Sport Conference, College Station, TX. 


Media Mentions

Mentioned in espnW and ESPN The Magazine Fagan, K. & Cyphers, L. (2012). The Glass Wall: Women continue to shatter stereotypes as athletes. So how come they can’t catch a break as coaches? espnW and ESPN The Magazine. Retrieved from h​t​t​p​:​/​/​s​p​o​r​t​s​.​e​s​p​n​.​g​o​.​c​o​m​/​e​s​p​n​/​e​t​i​c​k​e​t​/​s​t​o​r​y​?​p​a​g​e​=​theGlassWall

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