Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg



Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. Rates, as listed under "Fee Schedule", vary and are set prior to each semester. Massachusetts residents must submit a properly authenticated "Proof of Residency" form to obtain in-state tuition rates.


Tuition and Fee Schedule


Residents from New England may wish to inquire about the New England Regional Student Program at the Graduate Admissions Office. A reduction of out-of-state tuition may be possible for some regional students. Approved graduate teaching assistants may earn a waiver of tuition, a reduction of fees, and a stipend. The tuition waiver is not in effect during a semester spent on internship. 

General Fees

Graduate students enrolled for five or more credit hours are assessed mandatory fees of several hundred dollars per semester. These fees are not waived by a graduate assistantship. These fees, as is tuition, are subject to change without notice. These general fees include assessments for such facilities and services as University Health Services, Fine Arts, Campus Center, Identification Card, and Graduate Student Senate Tax.
Students who are on practicum may receive a partial waiver of the fee during the practicum. Students who plan to do a practicum are required to register through Continuing and Professional Education for the summer session. The cost for the 2014 Summer Session was $1,365.00 for the six-credit practicum. Graduate assistants do not receive a tuition waiver for these six credits through Continuing Education.

NOTE: Graduate students should arrive on campus with adequate resources to pay tuition, fees, insurance, room, board, etc.  

Related Information

1. Graduate students not enrolled for any course credit, but who remain candidates for a degree, must pay a program fee for each semester (excluding summer terms)  until the degree has been formally awarded. Deadline for payment of this fee (amount listed on Grad Tuition Fee Sheet)  is one week after the first day of classes. This fee, as are others, is subject to change, so it is important to consult with the Graduate Registrar's office for current rates.

2. Any student who does not pay the program fee by the deadline, and later seeks readmission or applies for graduation, shall pay the accumulated program fees and a readmission fee. A candidate for readmission must file a written request, which includes the student's plan for completion of the degree, endorsed by the Sport Management Graduate Program Director and the Graduate Dean.