Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg


Admission Interview

During the spring semester, selected applicants are invited for a two-day on-campus interview. Your session will include:


  • an opportunity on the first day to sit in on a grad class
  • introductory group session
  • a reception with current graduate students and faculty
  • an individual interview with selection committee members  
  • an interview with the MBA program 


Typically, several interview sessions are scheduled during the period from mid-January to late April, with approximately ten candidates invited for each session.


NOTE:  ONLY international students will have the option of a SKYPE interview.



Upon completion of the interview, a recommendation is prepared for the Graduate School. The Graduate Program Director submits the departmental recommendation to the Graduate Dean, who makes the decision to accept or deny an applicant. Notification of decisions are made from the Graduate School.