Try A Class

Try classes before you apply, add news skills to your résumé or take classes that aren’t offered anywhere else.

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You have the option to take up to 15 credits before applying to Isenberg Online or while your application is being processed. You can also take stand-alone classes to advance your expertise or transfer to another academic institution without formally enrolling.

The “Try a Class” option is ideal for people who want to:

Get to Know Us

Decide if Isenberg Online is the right fit for you – and earn credits and expertise at the same time. Classes will be transferred to your undergraduate record. There is no grade requirement to transfer classes.

Jump Ahead

Earn credits that will help you get ahead in your program, catch up or graduate early.

Add Skills

Taking stand-alone classes can advance your knowledge and expertise, and increase your value to future employers.

Follow a Passion

Take a class based solely on your interests and passions, like the “History of Baseball in America” or "Internet Marketing".

Keep Your Own Schedule

Pace yourself around the demands of your work and home life with the flexibility of online classes.

Transfer Credits to Your School

Students from other institutions can take advantage of Isenberg Online’s outstanding offerings and transfer credits from UMass.

See What Courses We're Offering

Take a look at the classes offered this semester and sign up to try a class -  Courses: Browse & Enroll.