You can transfer up to 75 credits


If you’ve got experience, use it. You may be able to bypass specific courses based on your previous studies. Find out if you’re eligible.

Course Transfers

You can transfer up to 75 credits. Isenberg considers specific criteria to determine transfer eligibility of business courses.

Courses will generally transfer if:

  • Offered at a school that has regional academic accreditation at the post-secondary level
  • Comparable in nature, content, and level to courses offered at UMass Amherst
  • Passed with a minimum grade of C-

Courses will generally not transfer if:

  • Remedial or development (pre-100 level, ESL, basic math, pre-composition, etc.)
  • Skills oriented (study skills, career development, word processing, business communication, sales, etc.
  • Vocational (secretarial, lab technology, real estate, electronics, paralegal, medical assistant, radiology, etc.)
  • Internships, co-ops, field experiences or practica sponsored by another school
  • Non-credit courses

Learn more about transferring General Education requirements.

Not happy with your UMass Amherst GPA from years ago?

Typically, your last GPA is applied toward your new program GPA. However, the Fresh Start option gives you a clean slate. If you are a returning UMass student and have not taken a course in the past three years, you can you begin a new cumulative GPA upon readmission. Learn More.