Bringing you a well-rounded experience.

General Education Courses
Bachelor of Science (BS)

General Education courses provide you with a common, broad-based, well-rounded experience by exposing you to a variety of curriculum areas. These separate but complementary experiences will give you a quality education, putting you on a path for an exciting career and a productive life.

General Education Courses Include:

  • Linear Methods: Math121 (R1) and (R2)
  • Micro Economics: Econ103 (SB)
  • Macro Economics: Econ104 (SB)
  • College Writing (CW)
  • Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle: Nutritn 130 (BS)
  • Physical Science (PS)
  • Literature (AL) or Arts (AT)
  • Historical Studies (HS)
  • United States Diversity Course (U)
  • Global Diversity Course (G)
  • 2 Gen Ed Electives

General Education courses are identified in SPIRE by the specific letter designation shown above.  Here is a tip for searching for available Gen Ed courses.

More information can be found on the Gen Ed @UMass website.

Community College Connection
If you participated in a Joint Admissions or MassTransfer program at a Massachusetts community college, you may have satisfied your Gen Ed requirements.