OIM students learn how to continually make businesses more effective and efficient.

Operations & Information Management

Operations managers are like architects; they see the blueprints behind the walls, and the staff power behind the construction. In other words, operations managers know how to build and run a business.

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Operations and Information Managers design and implement the key operations that help a business function, and then they strive to continually make it more effective and efficient. Operations managers are always five steps ahead, synthesizing information to guide businesses toward the optimal decision.

The curriculum prepares students to understand all facets of the business process, including quality assurance, demand planning, supply chain management, transportation and logistics, and staffing. Key courses include: Supply Chain Management, Introduction to Management Science, Business Processes and Enterprise Systems, and Business Intelligence.

Operations and Information Management majors are employed by industries and organizations for a variety of roles, including: manpower planning management, scheduling, enterprise resource planning, production, inventory control, product design, materials management, quality assurance, distribution and logistics.