Marketing majors can study many different industries


Are you interested in what makes people tick, and uncovering new ways to persuade and delight? Are you on top of market trends, and want to be charged with launching ideas into action? Isenberg Marketing students learn how to match wit, insight and creativity with brand-building strategy and well-executed tactics.

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Successful marketers combine practical analysis and compelling storytelling to develop, promote, brand and sell everything from products to points-of-view. The major delves into both traditional and cutting-edge marketing and communications techniques, and spans different industries, from small local businesses to global corporations.

Students have the flexibility to choose from diverse course offerings, including classes in retailing, consumer behavior, communications, international marketing, and digital marketing.

Many of our graduates find jobs in sales, retaining, market research, and advertising. In the past our graduates have gotten placed at Black & Decker, Target, GlaxoSmithKline, Deluxe Printing, Millward Brown and others. Some of our graduates work for nonprofits like Environmental Defense Fund, and others start their own businesses.