Creative problem-solvers become successful managers with Isenberg


Great management isn’t about control; it’s about adaptability. An effective leader inspires strong, collaborative teams to action, and plans strategically for both short and long-term success. At Isenberg, students learn how to confidently make assessments, turn challenges into opportunity and instigate change in both turbulent and tranquil business environments.

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The Isenberg Management Major is designed to equip students with the creative problem-solving skills necessary to deftly maneuver through any business scenario. Curriculum examines social, political and economic change; assesses the impact of globalization; analyzes workplace dynamics and studies resilient organizations. Students leave the program versed in the principles of organization, analysis and dynamic leadership for strategically building and running effective, evolving businesses.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, strategic planners, holistic thinkers and cross-departmental connectors, management graduates are positioned to excel in a variety of managerial and consultancy positions, from the executives of businesses and social agencies to the leaders in government, education, healthcare and non-profits.