Do I have to take the certificate courses for a grade?

For certificates at the Undergraduate level, classes must be taken for a grade and require a minimum grade of C of higher.

Can I apply to the online undergraduate degree completion program if I already have a Bachelor’s degree?

Can degree completion students take on-site classes?

Yes. Online degree completion students can take on-site classes on a space available basis. Please note that there is a different tuition rate and additional fees.

Searching for General Education Classes?

Finding Gen Ed classes can be tricky, so here is a tip to simplify the process:

  1. Go to Spire
  2. In the right-hand column, click Search Classes/Catalog
  3. Near the bottom of the Class Search Criteria section, use the dropdown box Gen Ed Category to refine your search
  4. At the bottom, use the dropdown box Mode of Instruction to choose Online

Gen Ed Requirements:

How do I drop or withdraw from a class?

Drop - You may drop a course up until the last day of the Add/Drop period. You will receive a refund (the refund will not include the course registration fee).

Withdraw - You may withdraw from a class up until the Withdraw date. A class dropped during this period will be recorded on your transcript as a 'W' and no refund will be given.

Dates - See the academic calendar for drop and withdraw dates.

Refunds are given for classes dropped during the add/drop/refund period if proper procedures are followed. For more information, see the Refund Schedule and Calendar. The registration fee is non-refundable.

To drop a class before the Add/Drop deadline:
Note: Classes dropped before the Add/Drop deadline will not show on transcripts.

Complete the electronic drop form.

If you have a CPE appointment in SPIRE, you can drop the class via SPIRE self-enrollment.

To withdraw from a class during the Withdrawal period:

Note: Classes dropped during the Withdrawal period will show a grade of "W” for undergraduate students.

Complete the electronic drop form.

If you have a CPE appointment in SPIRE, you may be able to drop the class via SPIRE self-enrollment.

How do I search for & enroll in classes?

Isenberg Courses:

All students can use the Courses: Browse & Enroll tool to find and sign up for Isenberg classes.

Other Courses: Prospective Students

If you are not a Current Student (not yet accepted to an Isenberg program) and want to sign up for a non-Isenberg class, you can search and enroll in classes at CPE.  You are not eligible to register through Spire.

Other Courses: Current Students

  1. Login to SPIRE (the University online catalog and course search tool)
  2. Click on Main Menu > Course Guides > Search for Classes
  3. Follow directions for your session below

Gen Ed classes Spring & Fall session:

  • Term = Spring or Fall
  • Gen-Ed Category = Pick the gen-ed category you seek
  • Session  =
    • CPE (Continuing Education): full semester courses
    • CPE Non-standard dates: 1/2 semester courses

Gen Ed classes Summer and Winter session:

  • Term = Summer or Winter
  • Course Career = Undergradudate
  • Gen-Ed Category = Pick the gen-ed category you seek

Other Courses
To search for other courses, pick a Course Subject instead of a Gen-Ed Category.

More Info:
Get more info about enrolling in classes using Spire.

I've completed my courses to earn a certificate. Is there a form to fill out?

  • Once you’ve completed the course requirements for your UNDERGRADUATE certificate program, please email us and once we’ve verified that you’ve taken the required courses and received a C or better, your certificate will be processed and mailed to you.  
  • Once you've completed the course requirements for your GRADUATE certificate program, please contact your advisor.