Social Entrepreneurship (MANAGMNT 491B)

Social entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, starting, and leading mission-driven business ventures in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. This course is designed to illustrate how entrepreneurial thinking and sound management practice can promote and achieve social change. Topics focus on how core entrepreneurial skills — opportunity recognition, resource mobilization, and organization building — can be leveraged to address social needs. Students will explore this dynamic and growing area of management.

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Business Data Analysis (OIM 240)

This course introduces fundamental concepts and computations for statistical analysis of business data and real-world problems with an emphasis on understanding and interpreting statistical information, and using it to form sound judgments in business situations. The course covers basic descriptive statistical methods, sampling methodology, how to draw inferences from samples to larger populations and how to make predictions based upon historical relationships between variables. Theoretical background in descriptive and inferential statistical methods will be used support knowledge of the appropriate statistical test to perform in a given situation. The statistical methods that are covered in the course equip the student with the analytic reasoning and quantitative arguments that applies to all areas of business and management.