Technology-Enabled Marketing and Analytics (MARKETNG 497C)

Technology is at the center of many valuable marketing tools and practices. For example, marketers commonly use social media, such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram; and with various technologies, new approaches and principles have emerged, such as permission marketing and inbound marketing. New types, and increased amounts, of data associated with consumer use of technologies has made marketing analytics vital to effective decision making and performance diagnostics and evaluation (e.g., ROI). It is extremely important for marketers to understand how to effectively use these technologies, leverage new approaches and principles, and understand how to analyze and leverage associated data. This course addresses those issues. Although the course is rigorous, please note that one need not be a technology maven or math whiz to effectively understand or engage the course content. 

Are you applying to be Re-admitted to UMass Amherst for one of the Isenberg Undergraduate Online degree programs? 

Former Isenberg students 
  • Require a minimum of 27 undergraduate credits and have left the University in good standing. 

Former University students 

  • Require a minimum of 27 undergraduate credits, and have a 3.0 GPA. 
All re-admits 
  • Need to submit a 1-2 page personal statement which should discuss how your experiences led to your decision to apply Isenberg Online. Describe your educational goals, including the focus of your academic interests, as well as how you think UMass Amherst can help you meet these goals. 
  • Prior to submitting your re-admit application you should request a preliminary r​e​v​i​e​w​<​h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​i​s​e​n​b​e​r​g​.​u​m​a​s​s​.​e​d​u​/​o​n​l​i​n​e​/​u​n​d​e​r​g​rad/advising/preliminary-review> to determine if you are eligible. 
  • Readmit application deadlines are October 15 for Spring/late January entrance and April 15 for Fall/early September entrance. For the Admissions Application and instructions, please visit The Application for "CE-UG R​e​-​A​d​m​i​t​s​"​<​h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​u​m​a​s​s​u​l​e​a​r​n​.​n​e​t​/​i​m​a​g​e​s​/​s​t​o​r​i​es/pdf/readmission_app_ce_ug_11_25_13.pdf> is near the bottom of w​w​w​.​u​m​a​s​s​u​l​e​a​r​n​.​n​e​t​/​f​o​r​m​s​<​h​t​t​p​:​/​/​w​w​w​.​u​m​a​s​s​u​l​e​a​r​n​.​n​et/forms> and must be postmarked by the above dates. 

Social Entrepreneurship (MANAGMNT 491B)

Social entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, starting, and leading mission-driven business ventures in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. This course is designed to illustrate how entrepreneurial thinking and sound management practice can promote and achieve social change. Topics focus on how core entrepreneurial skills — opportunity recognition, resource mobilization, and organization building — can be leveraged to address social needs. Students will explore this dynamic and growing area of management.

Can I apply to the online undergraduate degree completion program if I already have a Bachelor’s degree?