Try a class to make sure Isenberg is the right fit, or to get ahead of the game.

Try A Class

Whether you’re considering your MBA with Isenberg Online or want to take a stand-alone course that will advance your expertise, we offer you the opportunity for exploration and growth.

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You have the option to take two classes (6 credits) before applying for your MBA or while your application is being processed. The “Try a Class” option is ideal for people who want to:

  • sharpen skills and advance knowledge
  • decide if Isenberg Online is the right fit
  • get ahead in a program

For students considering their MBA with Isenberg, this unique option is a win-win. It allows you to make deliberate decisions about your future while applying what you learn to your current career.

For students who want to increase their expertise and value in just one or two semesters, this option allows you to take graduate classes that directly apply to your profession. It allows you to step-up and standout in your company or organization by advancing your education without applying to or completing an advanced degree.

Once you decide that the Isenberg Online MBA is right for you, classes will be transferred to your graduate record if you have taken them within three years of acceptance and earned a grade of B or better.

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