Great advisors are here to help plan your MBA degree


Everyone needs a little help now and again. Navigate your MBA career with a little direction from our Advising Center

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Our dedicated Student Advising Team is here to assist you with any questions you may have about the program – from which course to take to how fast to complete your degree.

With over a decade of experience advising online students, our staff has a deep understanding of your needs as working professionals and offer as much or as little guidance as you deem necessary to get to the finish line.

Use our four distinct services to help easily navigate your MBA:

Degree Roadmap – Plan the entire life cycle of your academic career using this interactive quiz. Do you want to graduate soon or take your time? Do you have business experience? We’ll analyze your answers and suggest the best route for you.

Courses: Browse & Enroll – Sign up for classes and view each course possibility every semester with our Course Menu. Our straightforward guide is easy to use so you never have to hunt down the information you need to complete your MBA.

Try a Class – Sample classes and jump ahead in your program by “trying a class.” This option is ideal for students considering Isenberg Online or waiting for applications to be processed. Start now by enrolling in a class while you apply for your MBA.

Toolkits - The MBA Toolkits act as a quick portal to the topics you may be searching for, from applying to your program to enrolling in classes. These toolkits are available on nearly every web page and are tailored to both prospective and current students. Simply designate your student status by clicking the link provided on the toolkit, and then dive into our most popular topics.