Find out everything you need to know about Transfers and Waivers.

Transfers and Waivers

If you’ve got experience, use it. You may be able to bypass specific courses based on your previous studies. Find out if you’re eligible.

Am I exempt from the foundation courses?

If you have taken prior courses in Accounting and/or Finance from an accredited university, you may be exempt from taking the Foundation of Accounting and/or Foundation of Finance courses. Based on the review of your application for admission, the committee will determine which exemptions apply to you.  Examples of undergraduate course titles include:  Intro to Accounting, Intro to Finance, Corporate Finance.

Can I transfer or waive graduate classes from another institution?

If you have taken graduate level courses at another institution, you may be eligible for transfers and/or waivers. Classes that are eligible for transfers or waivers must meet these criteria:

  • A graduate level course
  • Taken at an accredited institution
  • The course curriculum mirrors an Isenberg core course
  • You earned a grade of "B" or better
  • The course was taken within three years of acceptance into the Isenberg program


Graduate courses that were not used to satisfy another degree are eligible for transfer. You can transfer up to two classes (6 credits) from another university toward your Isenberg MBA. Courses and their respective credits that transfer will reduce the number of credits required to complete your Isenberg MBA degree.


You may be eligible for course waivers if you took courses that were used to satisfy another degree or you have reached the 6 credits transfer allowance. Waived courses do not reduce the credit requirement to fulfill your MBA. We encourage you to choose elective courses that will help you get ahead in a particular area of business or earn a specialized degree such as a Focus in Healthcare Administration. An academic advisor can also assist you in developing a tailored concentration which would strengthen your skill set in areas of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a transfer or waiver?
In order for courses to be considered for transfers or waivers, please send us a description, a syllabus and an official transcript for each course. Please be specific about which Isenberg course you are requesting to have reviewed. Find a list of our courses here.

We prefer to receive these requests via email, but we also accept them by fax: (413) 577-2234 or mail to:
Graduate Programs Office
121 Presidents Drive
Isenberg School of Management
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003

What if I have my CPA or a BS in Accounting?
You will be exempt from the foundation course in Accounting. In addition, Certified Public Accountants and those who have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting will be waived from the MBA core course, Financial and Managerial Accounting. As part of your application for admission, please include a copy of your CPA Certification or your official transcript for the BS in Accounting degree.

What if I started my MBA at another university?
You may be able to transfer as many as 6 credits from your previous university. If you took more than 6 credits that meet the transfer/waiver criteria, you may be eligible to waive additional requirements. Transfers reduce your number of required credits; waivers do not.

What if I’ve taken military classes?
If you think your military classes make you eligible for transfers or waivers, please contact our military advisor Kyle Bate at: (413) 545-7612 |

How do I know if courses have been approved for transfer or waiver?
The Graduate Programs Office will contact you to let you know which course(s) has been approved for transfer or waiver.