Isenberg's classes prepare graduates for the next level in their careers

Academic Overview

The Isenberg Online MBA curriculum is designed to prime you for success, providing the business acumen to become a creative problem-solver, levelheaded decision maker and resilient leader in today’s global economy.

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As an Isenberg student, you will master the essentials of accounting and finance to better understand money and grow a business; delve into the underpinnings of human psychology to effectively manage and inspire staff; strengthen analytical thinking to interpret data and forecast a company’s future; and, hone skills of persuasion to market products and visions.

Leadership, Collaboration & Adaptability

In every academic course, we help students perfect talents as true leaders – someone who has the courage of conviction to stand by an idea when it soars and when it flops; someone who reacts to adversity with grace; and someone nimble enough to turn on a dime. We also value collaboration and camaraderie, and an Isenberg education instills an adaptability that allows students to work alongside other bright minds.

Students cultivate lasting relationships with classmates and faculty through intimate class modules, and our technology adapts to your preferred learning style, from reading to listening to watching.