Isenberg has 5 areas of focus.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas equip you with the knowledge and skills in a specific area of interest to propel you into the MBA-level job you desire upon graduation.

Admissions | Academics | Advising

Tailor your education with an additional set of elective coursework to support a chosen career or industry. We offer focus areas in:

Program Requirements

What courses do you need to complete?

  • 2 foundations courses (2 credits)
  • Only 11 core MBA courses (34 credits)
  • 3 electives (9 credits)
  • Total: 45 credits

Try a Class

Learn about our Try a Class option. Take up to two MBA classes before applying to learn why our program is a good fit for you. Or view the Courses: Browse & Enroll page to see our current course listing.


Our advisors are experienced academic counselors who cater to your needs as a cross-disciplinary student. Let our advisors help you choose your courses and chart your path so you can complete your focused degree with the most flexibility.