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McCormack Sport Management

Graduate Certificate

The McCormack Sport Management Graduate Certificate is a slam-dunk. The online, flexible program will position you as a savvy and confident business leader. Get ready to score the sports career of your dreams.

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The Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management at Isenberg is one of the most respected in the country. Students turn to Isenberg to become the best in the sport business; they enter the industry with exceptional knowledge and preparation, a strong alumni network, and the ability to lead and make game-time decisions.

The McCormack Sport Management Graduate Certificate can be your first step in changing or elevating your profession. The high-energy, high-intensity program will give you command over your career, readying you to become a business leader in sports. Perhaps you eventually want to manage a sports team. Or you want to promote a sports team’s brand. Or want to weave sports law into your practice. This Certificate will put you in play.

Earn your Certificate online with just 5 classes. The program is flexible enough to fit your needs and rigorous enough to make you competitive. Learn from experts who have worked in the highest levels of the sport business—the same faculty that teach on campus—in an experiential, collaborative learning environment. As part of the Isenberg School of Management, you’ll experience a world-renown business education. If you decide to earn your MBA with a focus in sports management, you can apply your certificate credits to your online or on-campus degree.

To earn a McCormack Sport Management Graduate Certificate, students take core curriculum classes as well as electives for a total of 5 or more courses adding up to 15 credits (most classes are 3 credits each). Students can take up to 2 courses towards the Certificate before applying to the full program. View our list of courses.


Certificate classes are $825 per credit, or $2,475 per course. A typical student taking 15 credits can expect to pay an estimated $12,375 in tuition to complete a graduate certificate.

Additional Fees

There is a $45 registration fee per semester, plus the cost of books and materials.

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