A La Carte Classes

Whether you're considering a degree with Isenberg Online or want to take a stand-alone course that will advance your expertise, we offer you the opportunity for exploration and growth.

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The “A la Carte” option is ideal for people who want to:

  • sharpen skills and advance knowledge
  • decide if Isenberg Online is the right fit
  • get ahead in a program

Increase your expertise

For students who want to increase their expertise and value in just one or two semesters, this option allows you to take classes that directly apply to your profession. It allows you to step-up and standout on your resume or within your company by advancing your education without applying to or completing a degree.

Try a class before applying

For students considering a degree with Isenberg, this unique option is a win-win. It allows you to make a deliberate decision that fits your future. You have the option to take classes before applying to a program, or while your application is being processed.

Learn more and enroll in classes

Graduate Level Classes

  • Already have an undergraduate degree? Consider taking a graduate level class.
  • If you decide to join our Online MBA program, up to two classes (6 credits) will be transferred to your graduate record, if you have taken the classes within three years of acceptance and earn a grade of B or better.
  • Enroll now: No application needed

Undergraduate Level Classes

  • Just getting started? Consider taking an undergraduate level class.
  • If you decide to join our Online Undergraduate program, up to 15 credits can be transferred to your undergraduate record.
  • Enroll now: No application needed