Study Abroad and Domestic Exchange

General Guidelines

The Operations & Information Management (OIM) Department strongly supports and encourages students to study abroad and to take advantage of domestic exchange programs. Many times these arrangements enhance the student's academic program. The University has entered into agreements with other universities in the U.S. and abroad. The OIM Department will work with the student to help these leaves work within the student's program of study.


Students must understand, however, that studies abroad, domestic exchanges, and courses taken at other universities may create special problems in meeting the requirements of the major. Thus, arranging these studies places extra responsibility on the student to make sure the student can meet his or her requirements within the student's time frame. In most cases students must plan their leave early so that they can be sure not to miss a crucial course, or a crucial set of courses, while away. Studies abroad and domestic exchanges can result in students staying an additional semester.


Student Responsibilities

The student is fully responsible for arranging studies outside of the University. Information concerning international and national exchange programs is available at the William S. Clark International Center (Hills South, fourth floor) and the National Student Exchange Program Office (E26, Machmer Hall), respectively. General information concerning exchange programs is available at the Isenberg Undergraduate Programs Office (Room 206). Upon selecting a program, the student should gather information on courses available and develop a proposed plan of study. The student should then:


  1. Present the proposed plan of study to his or her faculty adviser for discussion.
  2. Complete a Prior Approval Form (available at the Undergraduate Counseling Office or at either exchange program office), specifying the courses for which approval is sought.
  3. Present the completed Prior Approval Form to the Department adviser and the Undergraduate Counseling Office for approval.


Stipulations in Organizing Studies Outside the University
The Department strongly discourages students from taking required courses in the major outside the University. The OIM Department believes that its majors should take these courses within our department from our faculty. Accordingly, the following hierarchy is followed, generally, in approving courses to be taken at other universities, or on other campuses:


  • Most Easily Approved: General Education Requirements and General Electives.
  • More Difficult to Get Approved: School of Management Requirement. 
  • Most Difficult To Get Approved: Upper Level OIM Courses.