Independent Study

General Guidelines
The Department offers independent study credits under the course OIM 496. An independent study allows the student to analyze a particular problem in depth. The independent study is arranged between the student and the faculty. Academic value must be obtained from the independent study, and as such, the independent study must have a logical integration to the student's academic course of study.

Student Responsibilities
Prior to enrolling in OIM 496, OIM majors must arrange the independent study on his or her own. Remember that to justify academic credit, the independent study must have academic value. Upon identifying the opportunity to work on an independent study, the student must:

1. Prepare a 3-4 page typed proposal detailing:

  1. The nature of the independent study;
  2. The academic value of the independent study to the student's program;
  3. The proposed method of evaluation regarding the student's performance on this academic component.

    Incomplete or otherwise unsatisfactory proposals will be returned to the student for further work.


2. Obtain faculty sponsorship

It should be clear from the start who the faculty sponsor will be. Most students choose to work on a problem that they were introduced to during a particular class with a particular faculty member. On very rare occasions a student may choose a topic and work with a faculty member that s/he has not had in class. In those cases that arrangement must be discussed and the potential sponsor must agree to consider it prior to the student drawing up a proposal. Please note that the demands of the independent study on faculty require each professor to limit the number of independent studies supervised. In this way, students who do obtain sponsorship can be assured that the faculty will spend the requisite time on their project.


Independent Study Stipulations

  1. No more than 3 credits will be awarded for OIM 496
  2. No OIM major may register for OIM 496 more than once.
  3. A faculty sponsor must provide approval prior to taking OIM 496.
  4. Generally, an independent study cannot be completed in lieu of an existing course.