Prof. Traci Hess

Traci J. Hess  


Telephone: (413) 577-0957


Office: Isenberg 218C


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Ph.D., Virginia Tech 

M.A., Virginia Tech 

B.S., University of Virginia 

Research/Teaching Interests:

Human-Computer Interaction, Electronic Commerce and Trust, User Evaluation and Acceptance of IS, Decision-Making and Decision Support Systems, Business Processes & Enterprise Systems, Database Management



Tang, F., Hess, T.J., Valacich, J., and Sweeney, J. "The Effects of Visualization and Interactivity on Calibration in Financial Decision-Making," Behavioral Research in Accounting (Forthcoming 2014).


Hess, T.J., McNab, A., and Basoglu, A. "Reliability Generalization of Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, and Behavioral Intentions," MIS Quarterly (Forthcoming 2013-2014).


Hong, W., Hess, T., and Hardin, A. "When Filling the Wait Makes it Feel Longer: A Paradigm Shift Perspective for Managing Online Delay," MIS Quarterly, 2013, 37(2), 383-406.


McNab, A., Hess, T., and Valacich, J. "Designing Emergency Response Dispatch Systems for Better Dispatcher Performance," Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, 2011, 3(1), 26-55.


Wells, J.D., Valacich, J., Hess, T.J. "What Signal Are You Sending? How Website Quality Influences Perceptions of Product Quality and Purchase Intentions," MIS Quarterly, 2011, 35(2), 373-396.


Hess, T., Joshi, K., and McNab, A. "An Alternative Lens for Understanding Technology Acceptance: An Equity Comparison Perspective," Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 20(2) 2010, 123-154.


Hess, T., Fuller, M., and Campbell, D. "Designing Interfaces with Social Presence: Using Vividness and Extraversion to Create Social Recommendation Agents," Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 10(12), 2009 889-919.


Li, X., Hess, T., McNab, A., and Yu, Y. "Culture and Acceptance of Global Web Sites: A Cross-Country Study of the Effects of National Cultural Values on Acceptance of a Personal Web Portal." DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems 40(4) 2009, 62-87.


Li, X., Hess, T., and Valacich, J. "Why Do We Trust New Technology? A Study of Initial Trust Formation with Organizational Information Systems." Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 17(1) 2008, 39-71.


Li, X., Hess, T., and Valacich, J. "Using Attitude and Social Influence to Develop an Extended Trust Model for Information Systems." DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems, 37(2&3) 2006, 108-124.


Hess, T.J., Fuller, M.A., and Mathew, J. "Involvement and Decision-Making Performance with a Decision Aid: The Influence of Social Multimedia, Gender, and Playfulness," Journal of Management Information Systems 22(3) 2006, 15-54.


Professional and Academic Activities 

Associate Editor, MIS Quarterly (2013-Present)

Associate Editor, Decision Sciences (2012-Present)

Senior Editor (2012-Present), Associate Editor (2008-2012) AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction

Associate Editor Board, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, (2009-Present)

Associate Editor, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (2008-2012)

Associate Editor, International Conference ICIS HCI Track (2007-2012)

Co-Chair AMCIS MIS Camp (Junior Faculty Consortium), 2012 


Honors and Awards  

Isenberg Outstanding Researcher Award, UMass Amherst, 2012

Isenberg Research Excellence Award, UMass Amherst, 2011

Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, Best Paper Award, 2011

Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, Reviewer of the Year, 2010

MIS Quarterly Reviewer of Year, 2008-2009

College of Business, Outstanding Teaching Award, WSU, 2009

College of Business, Outstanding Service Award, WSU, 2008

College of Business, Dean's Excellence Fellow, WSU, 2005, 2009

AIS SIGHCI Outstanding Service Award, 2007