Dean Mark Fuller

Mark A. Fuller 

Dean, Isenberg School of Management;

Thomas O'Brien Endowed Chair 

Telephone: 413-545-5583

Office: Isenberg 365


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Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1993
M.S., University of Arizona, 1987
B.S., University of Arizona, 1985 

Research/Teaching Interests:

Research interests include Technology Supported Learning and Online Education, Technology and Teamwork, Trust and Efficacy in Technology-Mediated Environments, Project Management, and Information Overload.

Teaching interests include MBA and Executive Education, Leadership, Information Systems Strategy, Electronic Commerce, Change Management, and Project Management.


Hardin, A., Looney, C., and Fuller, M. (2013). Self-efficacy, learning method appropriation, and software skills acquisition in learner controlled CSSTS environments. Information Systems Journal, DOI: 10.1111/isj. 12016. (online version published before inclusion in an issue).

Basoglu, A., Fuller, M., and Valacich, J. (2012). Enhancement of Recall within Technology-Mediated Teams Through the Use of Online Visual Artifacts.  ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, Volume 3, Issue 1, pages 1-22.

Hardin, A., Chang, J., Fuller, M., and Torkzadeh, G. (2011). Formative Measurement and Academic Research: In Search of Measurement Theory. Educational and Psychological Measurement, Volume 71, Issue 2, pages 281-305.


Benamati, J., Serva, M., and Fuller, M.  (2010). The Productive Tension of Trust and Distrust: the Coexistence and Relative Role of Trust and Distrust in Online Banking. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, Volume 20, Issue 4, pages 328-346. 

Benamati, J., Fuller, M., Serva, M., and Baroudi, J. (2010). Clarifying the Integration of Trust and TAM in E-Commerce Environments: Implications for Systems Design and Management. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Volume 57, Issue 3, pages 390-393. (First three authors in alphabetical order, having contributed equally).

Hess, T., Fuller, M, and Campbell, D.  (2010). Designing Interfaces with Social Presence: Using Vividness and Extraversion to Create Social Recommendation Agents.  Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Volume 10, Issue 12, Article 1.

Chatterjee, S., Sarker, S., and Fuller, M. (2009). Ethical Information Systems Development: A Baumanian Postmodernist Perspective. Journal of the Association for Information Systems in the Special Issue on Ethics, Volume 10, Issue 11, Article 2, pages 787-815.

Basoglu, K., Fuller, M., and Sweeney, J. (2009). Investigating the Effects of Computer Mediated Interruptions and Task Characteristics on Financial Performance. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, Volume 10, Issue 4, pages 177-189.


Chatterjee, S. Sarker, S., and Fuller, M. (2009). A Deontological Approach to Designing Ethical Collaboration. Journal of the Association for Information Systems in the Special Issue on Collaboration Engineering, Volume 10, Special Issue 3, Article 3, pages 138-169.


Scott, C., Fuller, M., MacIndoe, K., and Joshi, K. (2009). More than a bumper sticker: The Factors Influencing Information Systems Career Choices. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Volume 24, Article 2, pages 7-26.


Books or Book Chapters

Griffith, T. L., Northcraft, G. B., and Fuller, M. A. (2008). "Borgs in the Org? Organizational Decision Making and Technology," in Hodgkinson, G. & Starbuck, B., (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Decision Making, Oxford University Press, New York. 


Hess, T., Fuller, M., and Mathew, J. (2007). "Involvement and Decision‐Making Performance with a Decision Aid: The Influence of Social Multimedia, Gender, and Playfulness," in Handbook on Decision Support Systems, in the Springer‐Verlag, International Handbook on Information Systems series edited by Frada Burstein and Clyde W. Holsapple.
• Chapter is a reprint from Journal of Management Information Systems, Winter, Volume 22, Number 3, pages 15‐54.


Fuller, M., Mayer, R., and Pike, R. (2007). "Media and Familiarity Effects in Assessing Trustworthiness: "What did they mean by that"? In Computer‐mediated relationships and trust: Managerial and organizational effects, pp. 56‐74. Linda L. Brennan & Victoria E. Johnson (Eds.), Hershey, NY: Information Science Reference.
• Above article reprinted in E‐Collaboration: Concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications, VIII, 1474‐1492, Ned Kock (Ed.), Hershey, NY: Information Science Reference.


Fuller, M., George, J. F., and Valacich, J. S. (2008). Information Systems Project Management. Prentice Hall: Englewood Cliffs, NJ.


Professional and Academic Activities:

Editorial Board Member, Information Systems Journal (2009 - current)
Management Information Systems Quarterly Policy Committee Representative (2006, 2007)
Editorial Board, Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal, 2003 - 2004
Editor‐in‐Chief, Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal, 1996 - 2000
Editorial Board Index Editor, Academy of Management Journal 1999 - 2002
Professional Memberships: The Association for Information Systems, Institute of Operations Research and the Management Sciences, The Academy of Management, The Decision Sciences Institute, American Accounting Association, and Project Management Institute

Honors and Awards:

Awarded and Holder of "Thomas O'Brien Endowed Chair" Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst (Fall 2009 - Current)
Awarded "Philip L. Kays Distinguished Professorship in Information Systems" College of Business, Washington State University (Spring 2006 - 2009)
Listed in "Who's Who in Business Higher Education (WWBHE)" Spring 2007 - Current