Prof. Iqbal Agha

Iqbal Agha

Professor of Operations Management; Department Chairman 

Telephone: 413-545-5622


Office: Isenberg 315


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Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 1980
M.S., Southern Methodist University, 1978
M.A., M.S., Ball State University, 1976
B.Sc., University of Jammu and Kashmir, 1970 

Research/Teaching Interests:

Supply-chain management
Performance evaluation
Manpower planning
Efficiency and productivity analysis
Algorithm and system development for business logistics models
Mathematical programming
Integer programming
Production and operations management

Selected Publications:

Agha Iqbal Ali and D. O'Connor. (2010) "The impact of distribution system characteristics on computational tractability," European Journal of Operational Research, 200: 323-333.

Agha Iqbal Ali and D. Gstach. "The impact of deregulation during 1990-1997 on Banking in Austria," Empirica, 27, 265-281, 2000.

Agha Iqbal Ali, and M Bhargava. (1998) "Marketing Capability and Performance of Dairy Cooperatives in India" Infor 36, No. 3

Agha Iqbal Ali, T. Blanco and B. Buclatin. (1998) "Goal Network Programs: A Specialized Algorithm and an Application" European Journal of Operational Research 106: 191-197.

Agha Iqbal Ali and S. Shmerling. (1996) "Incorporating Facet-Inducing Inequalities into Graphical-Construct-Based Lagrangean Relaxation Methodologies," Operations Research Letters 18: 177-84.

Agha Iqbal Ali, (1993) "Streamlined Computation for Data Envelopment Analysis," European Journal of Operational Research Vol. 64, No. 1, 61-67.

Agha Iqbal Ali, R. Padman and H. Thiagarajan. (1989) "Dual Algorithms for Pure Network Problems," Operations Research, Vol. 37, No. 1, 159-171.

Agha Iqbal Ali, W. Cook and M. Kress. (1986) "On the Minimum Violations Ranking of a Tournament," Management Science, Vol 32, No. 6, 660-672.