New Isenberg Online Web Site Will Enhance the Student Experience

February 12, 2013

With its launch on February 11th, Isenberg Online's new interactive web site offers current and prospective students a seamless experience in planning, scheduling, and navigating their online MBA and BBA careers. "Our programs have a national reputation for quality and convenience," observes Isenberg's Associate Dean of Online Education, John Wells, who cites Isenberg Online's national MBA ranking of 22nd by U.S. News & World Report. "We've earned that ranking by giving our students a vibrant interactive experience with one another and with our superb faculty. Now our students--prospective and current--will have a web site for course and curriculum planning and selection that is worthy of the high standards of our academic content and delivery."


A key innovation on the new website is its Roadmap tool, which allows students to make informed decisions when planning their curricula and courses. MBA students activate the tool by answering an online questionnaire that helps them to flesh out their preferences and generate a personalized "roadmap" from Isenberg's wealth of curricular options and pathways. That allows them to effortlessly track both the big picture and curricular details; they can plan and gauge their progress at any stage of their program. An undergraduate version of the roadmap helps students to identify available electives for their majors.


A second tool, the Browse & Enroll feature, dovetails seamlessly with the road map, allowing students to identify, evaluate, and instantly enroll in available courses. With Browse & Enroll, students can make more informed decisions about courses by accessing detailed information like syllabi and course section availability.


A Tips & Tricks tool, which varies by program and with prospective versus current students, offers detailed linked answers to frequently asked questions and street-smart information about valuable Isenberg and campus resources for online students.


So does the website's Advising section, which incorporates a wealth of easily consumable strategic information about each online program and its variants. For additional information and advice, students can rapidly touch base with Isenberg Online's expert Advising Staff via email, and phone, and live chat.


"The new website represents over a year of redesign and addition of best online practices--all to create the best possible student experience," emphasizes Wells. "We offer three major MBA variants (100% Online, Blended, and Hybrid), five separate Undergraduate Online majors; and various certificate programs. That's a lot of complexity, but I believe that students--prospective and currently enrolled--will discover an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and navigable web site that leads them to the fulfillment of their goals."



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