Isenberg Professor Receives Honorary Doctorate

June 20, 2012


On May 25, Lund University in Sweden awarded an honorary doctoral degree to Isenberg Professor of Marketing Charles D. Schewe (pictured center). Professor Schewe's 43-year relationship with the Swedish university began in 1979 with a Fulbright Scholarship. Since then, at the university's School of Economics and Management, Schewe has taught marketing to students and executives, participated in collaborative research, and facilitated exchanges of professors and Ph.D. candidates with Lund and Isenberg.


Professor Schewe's description of the ceremony captures a colorful, enduring tradition:

"It was a magical ceremony. We processed to the Dom Kryka church [built 1018]. Cannons were fired to start the procession and trumpeters set up outside. The 3-hour ceremony was all in Latin just as for first doctoral recipients in 1667. Each candidate individually climbed the steps to the lectern and was presented with a top hat, a gold ring and a diploma. As with other honorary doctors [but not the regular Ph.D.'s], the moment the top hat was put on our heads, a cannon resounded with a loud boom just outside the church."


As part of his visit, Professor Schewe presented a lecture to the Lund University community that compared his research on millennial generational cohorts in the United States, Sweden, and New Zealand.