Isenberg Professor Prominent in "Energy for Tomorrow" Conference

April 23, 2013

Anna Nagurney, Isenberg's John F. Smith Memorial Professor of Operations Management, will be a panelist at the New York Times Energy for Tomorrow Conference on April 25 in New York City. Professor Nagurney's panel, moderated by Times Op-Ed columnist Joe Nocera, will explore the future of transport and traffic. The panelists will evaluate sustainable ideas for city transportation that reduce emissions and improve the quality of life. Professor Nagurney creates complex computer models that optimize transportation, communication, supply chain, financial, and other networks. Her Virtual Center for Supernetworks at Isenberg focuses on the interaction of multiple networks.


Other panels slated for the daylong conference will explore renewable energy, the urban food supply, green building and design, technology and innovation, and other topics. The event will bring together 400 thought leaders, public policy makers, government urbanists, and top executives from energy, technology, automotive, and construction industries. High-profile speakers include Michael Bloomberg, Carol Browner, Jeremy Irons, Paul Friedman, and others.  


View Professor Nagurney and her fellow panelists here.