Net Impact Consulting Challenge: January 18, 2014


The Net Impact Consulting Challenge is an opportunity to get real-world consulting and case-competition experience. Over winter break, teams of students will work with a local business or non-profit on a consulting project, and will present their solutions in a case competition on Saturday, January 18, 2014.


The project will require approximately 20 hours of work per teammate, and will be a great way to apply skills learned in the classroom to real problems facing local businesses and NGOs. After working with an organization over break, all of the teams will compete at the case competition in front of a panel of local business leaders.

Teams can be made up of two or three students. Cases and business contact information will be distributed on Monday, December 9. 



Please use the SOW to determine what your final deliverable to your business should look like and what information it should include.


  • Executive Summary (no more than two pages)

  • PowerPoint for Case Competition on January 18th

  • Final deliverable with your recommendations for your company




  • December 9: Cases will be distributed to each team by e-mail.

  • By December 16: Team to e-mail client for first contact, copying Noelle Southwick (

  • By December 23, 5pm: Team to submit signed statement of work to Noelle Southwick (

  • Week of January 6-10, 2014: Schedule and complete a progress check-in meeting with Noelle Southwick

  • By Wednesday January 15, 5pm: Executive Summary due (no more than 2 pages) to Noelle Southwick. Include: Summary, Recommendations, Justification, and Conclusion

  • By Friday, January 17, 5pm: Final PowerPoint due to Noelle Southwick (

  • January 18, 9am-1:30pm: Presentation Competition (in person at Isenberg School of Management, room 210)


Presentation Criteria

Presentations should not exceed 10 minutes, and should include a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. Each team will have 5 minutes following their presentation to answer the judges' questions. 

Judging Criteria


Teams will be evaluated on three factors:

  • Viability of solution

  • Quality of presentation and supporting documents

  • Professionalism

Judges will be given a rubric based on the above factors to evaluate the presentation and supporting executive summary.  Their scoring will make up 80% of the points, with a short client satisfaction survey to be administered in the week before the presentations making up the remainder. 

  • Executive Summary: 20%
  • Presentation: 60%
  • Client Feedback Experience: 20%




  • Reach out to your client early! The holidays will get busy very quickly!

  • Meetings can be virtual or in person.

  • Noelle Southwick and the Net Impact leadership team will be available for consultation throughout the competition period.  Use them!