Marriott Meals

"It's not just the view... It's not just the value...It's the best meal on campus!"

The Marriott Meals is a core course within the HTM program in which students have the opportunity to manage the restaurant with a team of student employees. Students deliver first-class dining experiences to guests for lunches and dinners. All of the menu items served are made fresh-to-order. Overall, this course provides an exceptional management and interactive learning environment, after which students feel confident moving forward within the hospitality industry.



Phone: 413.545.0877



 Lunches: Tues, Weds, Thurs

Starters: $2.00

Entrees: $8.00

Desserts: $2.50

Bundle Deal: $10.00

Seating: 11:45-12:30pm


 Dinners: Tues, Weds

Starters: $3.00

Entrees: $8.00

Desserts: $3.00

Bundle Deal: $13.50

Seating: 5:45-6:30pm


The Marriott Center for Hospitality Management

Campus Center, 11th Floor

1 Campus Center Way

Amherst, MA 01003-9243