Marketing 301 - Fundamentals of Marketing:

Introduction to marketing; survey of topics relevant to comprehensive study of marketing.  Emphasis on describing the marketing process and on stressing the implications of these activities for society.

Marketing 410 - Consumer Behavior:

Application of behavioral science theories and marketing theories to an understanding of the behavior of consumers.  exploration of consumer decision making and involvement as well as psychological and social factors that influence the consumer. Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 412 - Marketing Research:

Introduces primary and secondary data collection and analysis as a means to assess consumer behavior and develop effective marketing strategies; incorporates the use of technology in data collection and analysis.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301 and one of the following STATISTC 140 or 141, or FINOPMGT 250 or RES-ECON 211 or 212.

Marketing 421 - Product Strategy:

Examination and analysis of factors pertinent to effective product-related decisions by marketing managers; emphasis on development of new products; management of existing product lines; product deletions, and organizational approaches to product management.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 422 - Advertising & Promotional Strategy:

Development of effective marketing communication strategies based on an understanding of the characteristics of audiences; conceptual material from communications theory applied to advertising and other promotional problems.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 425 - Sales & Distribution Strategy:

The role of marketing management in determining the place of personal selling and distribution in the marketing mix. The role of the sales manager in supervising the functions of recruiting, hiring, organizing and controlling the sales force. Various types of selling; emphasis on managerial functions. Discussion also includes the roles and functions of channel members.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 437 - International Marketing:

The cultural, economic, social, legal, political, or organizational forces that influence multinational marketing operations.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 441 - Marketing Management:

The nature and problems of marketing management; the environment facing marketing managers, and the tools available for analysis and control of marketing activities and decision making.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 450 - Direct marketing:

Introduces principles and strategies for direct marketing and database marketing; direct marketing through the use of lists, catalogs, direct mail, print and broadcast media, telemarketing, and the Internet.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 455 - Internet Marketing:

Explores the internet's impact on the marketing discipline and the effective use of this technology; the internet's effect on marketing strategy, consumer behavior, advertising, retailing, and distribution.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 465 - Retailing Management & Technology:

This course explores decisions facing retail buyers, managers and owners as well as electronic retailers. Topics include retailing trends, merchandise management, pricing, location, promotion, store design and customer service.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 491F - Topics in Social Media:

This course is primarily for students who want to intensively move along the path of becoming expert in effectively leveraging social media in marketing; although, certainly, the skills learned in this course can be applied in other areas.  We'll explore the use of well-established social media tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, as well as emerging tools, such as Pinterest. In addition, we'll study important topics, mechanisms and contexts, such as blogging, inbound marketing, privacy (e.g., do not track), authenticity, return on investment (ROI), mobile, customer service, branding, promotion, etc.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 491I - Services Marketing:

The service sector of the economy is twice as large as the manufacturing sector. Service organizations (e.g., banks, transportation companies, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, professional services) differ in many important respects from manufacturing businesses and require a distinctive approach to marketing strategy development and execution. This course will discuss how services are different, why they are different, and what strategies result from these distinctions. Topics include: the design and execution of the service delivery process (the services marketing mix), managing service quality, managing customer relationships, and recovering from service failure. Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.

Marketing 491L / 591L - Managerial Perspectives on Mktg Strategy:

The objective of this course is to develop a practical understanding of strategic marketing management by looking at the many marketing related functions in a broad range of industries where marketing activity is critical to success.  This will be accomplished in two ways.  First using  guest speakers with varied and high level experience, and second, through your research and reading.

Marketing 591C - Marketing / Sustainable Business:

This course has been designed to introduce students to marketing through the sustainability lens. Both experienced marketers and those new to the field will benefit from approaching the development of a marketing plan with the triple bottom line (economic, environmental and societal) as the guiding principal. The demand for innovation and solutions to sustainable problems, from environmental degradation to societal inequities across supply chains, is increasing quickly. Those who want to succeed in the future business world need the savvy and experience of examining these issues and applying new models for growth.  Pre-reqs: MKTG 301.