Independent Study Form

This is NOT a University Registration Form


  1. Complete the information requested below. Type all responses and attach them to this form. The responses are the product of discussions with the instructor who has agreed to supervise the Independent Study effort.
  2. After all signature approvals are obtained, distribute one copy to the supervising instructor, one copy to the Department Head, and retain one copy. Changes in this contract may be renegotiated but final approval must be granted by both the Instructor and Department Head.
  3. Bring the signed copy of this form to the Department Office (SOM 345) for registration (i.e., on-line enrollment cannot be used).
  4. All Independent Study courses for credit must be approved by the Marketing Department Head.
  5. The number of credits that may be earned for an Independent Study is one to six, but usually three. Only in an unusual case should the credit hours granted exceed three.