Small Business Marketing 491S

Isenberg School of Management
Room 129
3:35 P.M. - 6:05 P.M.

Want to do real "hands-on" work? Want to experience the business challenges of "an apprentice" without taking time off? This course is for you. In the Spring of 2012, two management consultants from the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center will be teaching "Small Business Marketing (Marketing 491S). Allen B. Kronick and Lyne J. Kendall have worked with thousands of small business owners evaluating, developing and implementing marketing plans.


In this highly acclaimed course, students have a unique opportunity to apply their business and marketing knowledge to a "real life" business situation. Students will work within teams and be assigned a business client from Western Massachusetts. Then, each team will work together to solve marketing problems and issues of their "Real" business client. Students will learn about business by being in the business.

This course is an exceptional opportunity for students to apply all the knowledge that they have gained in an academic setting through course work, lectures, readings, and other intellectual experiences to a real life situation.


Find out more about the Mass. Small Business Development Center Network (MSBDC)

This course has a maximum enrollment of 25 students.
(Prerequisite: MKTG 301)
Spring, 2012


We are looking for enthusiastic students.