George R. Milne

Professor of Marketing 

Telephone: 413-545-5669


Office: Isenberg 221B



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Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1990
M.A., University of Utah, 1984
B.S., University of Utah, 1982  

Research/Teaching Interests:


Database marketing

Electronic commerce and consumer consumption experiences

Marketing management 

Internet marketing


Recent Publications:

Bahl, Shalini, George R. Milne, Spencer Ross, and Kwong Chan (2013), Mindfulness: A Long-term Solution for Mindless Eating by College Students, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Labrecque, Lauren, George R. Milne, James Peltier, Joseph Phelps (2012), "The Viability of Removing Personal Information from Online White Page Directories: Are Consumer Perceptions Aligned with Reality? Journal of Consumer Affairs, 46:2, 345-356.

Labrecque, Lauren and George R. Milne (2011), "Exciting Red and Competent Blue: the Importance of Color in Marketing, "Journal of Academy of Marketing Science," (published: 28 January, 2011). 


Labrecque, Lauren, Ereni Markos, and George R. Milne (2011), "Online Personal Branding: Processes, Challenges, and Implications, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 25:1, 37-50.


Milne, George R. and Shalini Bahl (2010), "Are There Differences among Consumers' and Marketers' Privacy Expectations? A Segment and Technology Level Analysis," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Bahl, Shalini and George R. Milne (2010), "Talking to Ourselves: A Dialogical Exploration of Consumption Experiences," Journal of Consumer Research.


Milne, George R. Andrew J. Rohm, and Shalini Bahl (2009), "If It's Legal, Is It Acceptable?: Consumer Reactions to Online Covert Marketing," Journal of Advertising.

Milne, George R., Lauren Labrecque and Cory Cromer (2009), "Toward an Understanding of the Online Consumer's Risky Behavior and Protection Practices," Journal of Consumer Affairs.

Peltier, James, George R. Milne, and Joseph Phelps (2009), "Information Privacy Research: Framework for Integrating Multiple Public, Information Channels and Responses", Journal of Interactive Marketing, 23:2, 191-205..


Milne, George R., Shalini Bahl, and Andrew J. Rohm (2008), "Toward a Framework for Assessing Covert Marketing Practices," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 22:1 (Spring), 57-62.


Milne, George R., Mary J. Culnan, and Henry Greene (2006), "A Longitudinal Assessment of Online Privacy Notice Readability," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 25:2, 238-249. 


Milne, George and Mary J. Culnan (2004), "Strategies for Reducing Online Privacy Risks: Why Consumers Read [Or don't Read] Online Privacy Notices" Journal of Interactive Marketing, 18:3 15-29.


Milne, George R., Andrew J. Rohm, and Shalini Bahl (2004), "Consumers' Protection of Online Privacy and Identity." Journal of Consumer Affairs, 38:2, Winter. 217-232


Milne, George R. and Andrew J. Rohm (2003), "The 411 on Mobile Privacy," Marketing Management, July/August 41-45.


Milne, George (2003), "How Well Do Consumers Protect Themselves from Identity Theft?"  Journal of Consumer Affairs, Winter 37:2 


Academic and Professional Activities:

Editorial review board member, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Interactive Marketing
Conference Chair, 2012, 2011, 2007 DMEF Direct/Interactive Research Summit

Conference Vice Chair, 2006 DMEF Direct Marketing Conference


Research Grants:

Cypres Research Fund (2001) (with Mary Culnan, Bentley College).

Marketing Science Institute funding for "Business Privacy Practices and Consumer Sensitivity to Privacy Issues".


2008-2009  College Outstanding Research Award, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2009 - Best Paper Award, Direct Marketing Education Foundation Annual Conference.

Outstanding Paper Award, Association for Health Care Research 22nd Annual Conference

Best Paper Award, Ethical and Societal Issues in Marketing and Consumer

Relationships Track , Winter AMA (1999)

Best Paper Award, Association for Health Care Research 18th Annual Conference (1999)

Outstanding College Teaching Award, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1993-94)