Prof. Bruce Weinberg 

Bruce Weinberg  

Department Head,
Professor of Marketing

Telephone: 413-545-5063


Office: Isenberg 229B


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Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MBA, Boston University

B.A., Boston University

Research/Teaching Interests:

Primary Research Interests - online/digital consumer experience, social media, digital marketing, impact of new technologies on consumer behavior and decision process, customer service, marketing principles, business statistics


Selected Publications:

Sanky, Michael, Paul D. Berger and Bruce D. Weinberg (2012), "A segmentation approach to patient health intervention,"  Journal of Medical Marketing: Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Marketing, forthcoming.


Wilson, H. James, Patricia J. Guinan, Salvatore Parise and Bruce D. Weinberg (2011), "What's Your Social Media Strategy?" Harvard Business Review, 89 (July-August), 23-25.


Weinberg, Bruce D. and Paul D. Berger (2011), "Connected Customer Lifetime Value: The Impact of Social Media," Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, 12 (4), 328-344.


Weinberg, Bruce D. and Ekin Pehlivan (2011), "Social Spending: Managing The Social Media Mix," Business Horizons, 54 (3), 275-282.


Parise, Salvatore, Patricia J. Guinan and Bruce D. Weinberg (2008), "The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World," Wall Street Journal in collaboration with Sloan Management Review, 252:141 (December 15), R4.


Weinberg, Bruce D., Salvatore Parise and P.J. Guinan (2007), "Multichannel Marketing: Mindset and Program Development," Business Horizons, 50:5 (September-October), 385-394.


Weinberg, Bruce D. and Christine B. Williams (2006),  "The 2004 US Presidential campaign: Impact of hybrid offline and online 'meetup' communities," Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, 8:1 (July), 46-57.


Berger, Paul D., Jegoo Lee and Bruce D. Weinberg (2006), "Optimal Cooperative Advertising Integration Strategy for Organizations Adding a Direct Online Channel," Journal of the Operational Research Society, 57:8 (August), 920-927.


Tipps, Stephen, Paul D. Berger and Bruce D. Weinberg (2006), "The Effect of Media Involvement on Print Advertising Effectiveness," Journal of Promotion Management. 12:2 (Winter), 53-75.


Weinberg, Bruce D. and Lenita Davis (2005), "Exploring The WOW In Online Auction Feedback," Journal of Business Research, 58:11 (November), 1609-1621.


Hanna, Richard C., Bruce D. Weinberg, Rajiv Dant and Paul D. Berger (2005), "Do Internet-based Surveys Increase Personal Self-Disclosure?," The Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management 12:4 (July), 342-356.


Adams, Susan, Bruce D. Weinberg, Jaci Jarrett Masztal and Diane Salamon (2005), "This Time It's Personal: Employee Online-Shopping at Work," Interactive Marketing. 6:4 (April/June), 326-336.


Weinberg, Bruce D., Paul D. Berger and Richard C. Hanna (2004), "A Diagnostic Tool For Assessing The Relative Importance Of Information In Impression Formation: Application In Order Effects," Marketing Letters. 15:2-3 (July-October). 113-128.


Weinberg, Bruce D., Paul D. Berger and Richard C. Hanna (2003), "A Belief-Updating Process For Minimizing Waiting Time In Multiple Waiting-Time Events: Application In Website Design," Journal of Interactive Marketing. 17:4 (Autumn). 24-37.


Berger, Paul D.. Bruce D. Weinberg and Richard C. Hanna (2003), "Customer Lifetime Value Determination And Strategic Implications For A Cruise-Ship Company," The Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management. 11:1 (September). 40-52.


Weinberg, Bruce D. (2000), "Don't Keep Your Customers Waiting at the (Virtual) Front Door," The Journal of Interactive Marketing, 14 (Winter), 30-39.


Urban, Glen L., John R. Hauser, William J. Qualls, Bruce D. Weinberg, Jonathan D. Bohlmann and Roberta A. Chicos (1997) "Information Acceleration: Validation And Lessons From The Field," Journal of Marketing Research, 34 (February), 143-153.


Urban, Glen L., Bruce D. Weinberg and John R. Hauser (1996), "Premarket Forecasting of Really-New Products," Journal of Marketing, 60 (January), 47-60. (MSI/H. Paul Root Award from the American Marketing Association for the "most significant contribution to the advancement of marketing practice.")


Hauser, John R., Glen L. Urban and Bruce D. Weinberg (1993), "How Consumers Allocate their Time When Searching for Information," Journal of Marketing Research, 30 (November), 452-466.


Urban, Glen L., John S. Hulland and Bruce D. Weinberg (1993), "Premarket Forecasting for New Consumer Durable Goods: Modeling, Categorization, Elimination, and Consideration Phenomena," Journal of Marketing, 57 (April), 47-63.


Academic and Professional Activities:

Editorial Review Board, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research
Editorial Review Board, Journal of Marketing Analytics
Chair, Customer Service Track, 2013 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference
Co-Chair (2002-present), Electronic Marketing Minitrack, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
Chair (2007), Marketing Track, Decision Sciences Annual Conference
Guest Co-Editor (2012), Journal of Electronic Commerce Research

Guest Co-Editor (2005), e-Service Journal 


PhD Project Faculty/Presenter (2010, 2011)
Doctoral Consortium Faculty (2000), AMA-Sheth Foundation
Ericsson On Magazine's "On People" of Communication (2000)
MSI/H. Paul Root (Best Paper) Award (1997), Journal of Marketing
Broderick Prize for Teaching Excellence (1996), Boston University School of Management