Isenberg Management Association (IMA)

The Isenberg Management Association (IMA) is a student run organization that strives to foster a better understanding of management ideas, strategies, and practices through faculty seminars, alumni presentations, field trips to businesses, and networking for relevant employment opportunities. The association will create cohesion among the Isenberg management majors as well as provide resources to any other students interested in the management field. Together we will manage the future.

The IMA is the first club in Isenberg and RSO specifically tailored to the Management major. All undergraduates at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are welcome to attend and join the IMA regardless of their major. Through this club we will educate our student body about the many areas of focus within the major such as sustainability, human resources, entrepreneurship, and international management. In order to promote further understanding in these areas, we will have presentations from alumni as well as other experienced individuals in the management field and occasional field trips to local businesses.

The club has acquired a motivated student body that is looking to make this organization a great supplement to the academic experience of Isenberg. We are looking forward to growing and succeeding in our endeavors year after year and helping others manage their future.

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