Internships and Co-ops

The Management Department does not give academic credit for work experience, as such, whether as an intern or as an employee of any other status. Internships require an academic project related to the work accomplished in the internship.

A student who would like to complete an internship related academic project must register for MGT 398 if he/she can develop an acceptable proposal with a faculty member who will supervise and evaluate the academic work.

Internship credits (MGT 398) may be graded A through F, or pass/fail, at the discretion of the Faculty member.

Credit for internship courses are limited to 3 credits. Under exceptional circumstances, the department chair may authorize additional credit.

Credit may be earned on internships in student-run organizations.

Only full-time faculty in the Management Department can sponsor internships.

Internships must be set up in advance.

Internships may be used to satisfy University or School of Management electives, but not Management Department elective.

The Management department Chair's approval is required in cases involving student compensation or when more than 3 credits are involved.

The student's supervisor or their equivalent should submit a written assessment of the student's performance before credit can be awarded