The Management Major

The management major provides broad preparation for understanding the dynamics of managing complex organizations. The major is an excellent choice for students seeking an overall background in management or who wish to combine the study of management with a specific interest in a complementary field.

Courses in the management major have a special emphasis on people in the workplace. This is complemented by courses that focus on the global, legal, political, and ethical dimensions of management and on the management of operations.

Beyond the basic foundation of required courses, the major is unique in the flexibility it offers for developing competence in a complementary area. Within the department, students may take specialized courses and build expertise in Human Resources, Leadership and Organization, International Management, Entrepreneurship, or Law.

Going beyond the department, students may use electives to develop specialized expertise in virtually any area they wish. For example, past students have combined the management major with interests in computer science, foreign languages, music and performing arts, and environmental science.

To get the most out of the program's flexibility we believe students should think through the types of courses they feel will best complement their background in management. Students are strongly encouraged to select elective courses that are related in order to build a more focused competency.