Prof. Steven W. Floyd

Steven W. Floyd  

Eugene M. Isenberg Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Telephone: 413-545-5621


Office: Isenberg 225A


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Ph.D., University of Colorado

MBA, University of Colorado

B.A., University of Houston


Research/Teaching Interests:

Strategic decision-making, corporate entrepreneurship and middle managers roles in strategy, management  of strategic change and innovation, strategy development practices and the role of social networks in strategy process.

Selected Publications:

Veiga, J.F., Keupp, M.M., Floyd, S. W. & Kellermanns, F.W.  The Longitudinal Impact of Enterprise System Users' Pre-Adoption Expectations and Organizational Support on Level of Proficient Usage. European Journal of Information Systems. (25 June 2013) doi:10.1057/ejis.2013.15.

Walter, J., Kellermanns, F.W., Floyd, S.W., Veiga, J.F. & Matherne, C. 2013. Strategic alignment: A missing link between strategic consensus and organizational performance, Strategic Organization!  11: 304-328.

Kownatzki, M., Walter, J., Floyd, S.W. & Lechner, C. 2013. Corporate control and the speed of SBU-level decision making, Academy of Management Journal, 56: 1295-1324.

Wolf, C. & Floyd, S. W. Strategic planning research: Toward a theory-driven agenda, Journal of Management, Special Review Issue, 0149206313478185 , Published on-line March 2013.

Eddleston, K. A., Kellermanns, F.W, Floyd, S. W., Crittendon, V.L. & Crittendon, W.F.,  2013. Planning for growth: Life stage differences in family firms, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 37: 1177-1202.

Prashantham, S. & Floyd, S. W. 2012. Internationalization routines and capability learning in new ventures, Journal of International Business Studies.


Lechner, C. & Floyd, S.W. 2012. Group influence activities and the success of strategic initiatives, Strategic Management Journal. 33: 478-495.

Johnson, G., Prashantham, S., Floyd, S. W. & Bourque, N. 2010. The ritualization of strategy workshops. Organization Studies. 31: 1589-1618.

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Floyd, S. W. and Lane, P. J. 2000. "Strategizing Throughout the Organization: Managing Role Conflict in Strategic Renewal," Academy of Management Review, 25: 1, 154-177.


Academic and Professional Activities:

Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Strategic Management Society.

Associate Editor, Strategic Management Journal

Editorial Board Member, Academy of Management Journal



International Visiting Fellow, The UK Advanced Institute of Management Research, 2004-2007.

Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award and Distinguished Paper, 2006 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

Best Conference Paper Prize, 25th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society, 2005

Best Paper Award, Runner Up, 29th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society. 2009