Prof. Marta Calas 

Marta B. Calas 

Professor of Management 

Telephone: 413-545-5679


Office: Isenberg 322


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Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1987
M.B.A., University of California at Berkeley, 1970
B.B.A., University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, 1966 

Research/Teaching Interests:

Post-colonial analyses, postmodernism, post-structuralism
Management and globalization, cultural studies
Gender and organization and feminist theories
Conceptual foundations of organization studies
Research and theory in international organization studies
Behavior in the global economy
International management


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Professional/Academic Activities:

Editor. ORGANIZATION: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory & Society - current editors: Marta B. Calas, Glenn Morgan, Linda Smircich. Also member of founding editorial team, 1993- present.


Guest Editor. 2006-present. Marta B. Calas, L. Smircich, C. Ellehave, C. Holgersson. Scandinavian Journal of Management  Special Issue on "Diversity Management"? Translation? Travel?- scheduled for publication in 2009.


Guest Editor. 2005-2007. G. Jack, Marta B. Calas, S. Nkomo, T. Peltonen. Academy of Management Review  Special Topics Forum on International Management: Critique and New Directions - published October 2008


Guest Editor. 2005-2007.  Marta B. Calas, L. Smircich, ,  J. Tiernari, C. Ellehave  Gender, Work & Organization Special Issue on Gender & Ethnicity - forthcoming 2008.


Calas, M.B. & Smircich,L.  Feminist Theories & Organization Studies. Organizers and instructors. Professional Development Workshop (PDW). Designated as a 'master class' for the GDO division, Academy of Management meetings.  Philadelphia, August 4, 2007.


Calas, M.B., Tiernari, J., Ellehave C. Organizers/Convenors. Sub-theme "From waltz to fusion? Globalizing "gender" and "ethnicity" in organizational relationships". 23rd  EGOS Colloquium (European Group for Organization Studies). Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna, Austria. July 5-7, 2007.


Calas, M.B. & Smircich, L. Isn't it all in the family? Listening to Heidi, Audre, Joan and Patricia. Part of the Professional Development Workshop (PDW): The Uneasy Marriage Between Feminism and Critical Management Studies. CMS Interest Group. Academy of Management meetings. Atlanta, August 13, 2006.


Calas, M.B., Smircich, L., Tiernari, J., Ellehave C. Organizers/Convenors. Sub-theme "Unlocking Gender and Ethnicity". 21rs EGOS Colloquium (European Group for Organization Studies). Freie Universität,  Berlin, Germany. June 30-July 1, 2005.


Calas, M.B., Smircich, L., Tiernari, J., Ellehave. Organizers/Convenors. Sub-theme "Beyond Dichotomies and Stereotypes: The Production and Reproduction of `Gender' & `Ethnicity'". 20th EGOS Colloquium (European Group for Organization Studies). Ljubljana University, Ljubljana, Slovenia.  July 1-3 2004.


Mir, R., Calas, M.B., Jermier,J. & Smircich,  L. Co-organizers/Presenters. Professional Development Workshop (PDW): Philosophies of Organizational Research: What Difference do they Make? RM, MH Divisions, CMS Interest Group. Academy of Management meetings. New Orleans. August 6, 2004.


Calas, M.B & Wooldridge, B. (Co-PIs). 2004. "Extending Capabilities In An Emerging Cycling Service Industry". Public Service Endowment Grant, Office of Industry Liaison, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.