Professor Linda Smircich 

Linda Smircich 

Professor of Management 

Telephone: 413-545-5693


Office: Isenberg 324


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Ph.D., Syracuse University
M.B.A., Syracuse University
B.S., State University of New York at Oswego 

Research/Teaching Interests:

Organizational behavior and theory
Qualitative research, alternative paradigms Cultural perspectives on organizations and management
Organization change
Gender and organization, feminist theory

Selected Publications

Calas, M.B. and Smircich, L. (2014 forthcoming). "Engendering the Organizational: Organization Studies and Feminist Theorizing." In P. Adler, P. du Gay, G. Morgan & M. Reed (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Sociology, Social Theory and Organization Studies: Contemporary Currents. London: Oxford University Press.

Calas, M.B., Smircich, L., and Holvino, E. (2014 forthcoming). "Theorizing Gender- and Organization: Changing Times. ...Changing Theories?" In S. Kumra, R. Simpson & R. Burke (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Gender in Organizations. London: Oxford University Press.

Calas, M. B., Ou, H., and Smircich, L. (forthcoming 2013) " 'Woman' on the Move: Mobile Subjectivities after Intersectionality,"  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.

Calas, M.B. and Smircich, L. (2013). "Organization at 21: The Journal of Disconcerting Organization Theory and Action." Organization, 20 (1): 13-23.                           

Calas, M.B., Smircich, L. (2011). "In the Back and Forth of Transmigration: Rethinking Organization Studies in a Transnational Key". In D. Knights, P.Y. Martin and E. Jeannes (Eds.). Handbook of Gender, Work & Organization. London: Wiley-Blackwell. p. 412-428.


Calas, M.B., Smircich, L. & Bourne, K. A.  2009. "Extending the Boundaries: Reframing 'Entrepreneurship as Social Change' through Feminist Perspectives,"  Academy of Management Review. 34(3) : 552-569.

Calas, M.B. & Smircich, L. 2009.  "Feminist Perspectives on Gender in Organizational Research: What Is and Is Yet to Be," in David Buchanan and Alan Bryman (Eds.) Handbook of Organizational Research Methods, London: Sage.  p. 246-269.


Calas, M.B. & Smircich, L. 2008. "Feminist Theorizing: Reforming? Performing? Transforming? The Organizational Subject?"  In D. Barry & H. Hansen (Eds.), Sage Handbook of the New & Emerging in Management and Organization, pp. 359-361. Sage: London.


Calas, M.B., Smircich, L. & Bourne, K.A. 2007."Knowing Lisa? Feminist Analyses of Gender and Entrepreneurship" in D. Bilimoria  and S.K. Piderit (Eds.), Handbook of Women in Business and Management, pp. 78-105. E. Elgar Publishing.


Calas, M.B. & Smircich, L 2006. "From the `Woman's Point of View' Ten Years Later: Towards a Feminist Organization  Studies", Ch. 8 in S. Clegg, C. Hardy, W. Nord & T. Lawrence (Eds.) Handbook of Organization Studies (2nd. edition),  pp. 284-346.  Sage: London


Calas, M.B. and Smircich, L. 2004. Revisiting `Dangerous Liaisions' or Does the  `Feminine-in-Management' still meet `Globalization'?, In Frost, P.J., W.R.  Nord, &  L.A. Krefting, (eds.), Managerial and Organizational Reality: Stories of Life and Work, pp.  467-481. Upper Saddle River: Prentice- Hall.


Calas, M.B. and Smircich, L. (2004) At Home from Mars to Somalia: Recounting Organization Studies. In Knudsen, C. & H. Tsoukas (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of OrganizationTheory:  Meta-theoretical Perspectives, pp. 596-606. London: Oxford University Press.


Calas, M.B. and Smircich, L. (2003) To Be Done With Progress and Other Heretical Thoughts for Organization and Management Studies. In Locke, E. (ed.), Postmodernism and Management: Pros, Cons, and the Alternative, pp. 29-56. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Volume 21. Amsterdam: JAI.


Calas, M.B. and Smircich, L. (2000) Ignored for 'Good Reason':  Beauvoir's  as a Revision of Social Identity Approaches, Journal of Management Inquiry, v9, no2, June, p. 193-199.


Calas, M.B. and Smircich, L. (1999) Past Postmodernism? Reflections and Tentative Directions, Academy of Management Review, v24, no4, p. 649-671.



Selected Presentations

Calas, M.B. & Smircich, L.  Feminist Theories & Organization Studies. Organizers and instructors. Professional Development Workshop (PDW). Designated as a 'master class' for the GDO division, Academy of Management meetings.  Philadelphia, August 4, 2007.


Calas, M.B. & Smircich, L. Isn't it all in the family? Listening to Heidi, Audre, Joan and Patricia. Part of the Professional Development Workshop (PDW): The Uneasy Marriage Between Feminism and Critical Management Studies. CMS Interest Group. Academy of Management meetings. Atlanta, August 13, 2006.


Calas, M.B. & Smircich, L. "Embodying Discourse: Reforming, Performing, Transforming `The Discursive Turn'". Symposium paper presented in the symposium The Discursive Turn: So What? H. Willmott and A. Contu, co-chairs OMT/CMS/RM divisions. Academy of Management meetings. Atlanta, August 14, 2006.


Bourne, K. A., Calas, M. B. & Smircich, L. "Knowing 'Entrepreneurship' through Feminist Epistemologies." Paper presented in the GDO division. Academy of Management meetings. Atlanta, August 14, 2006.


Calas, M.B., Smircich, L., Tiernari, J., Ellehave C. Organizers/Convenors. Sub-theme "Unlocking Gender and Ethnicity". 21rs EGOS Colloquium (European Group for Organization Studies). Freie University; Berlin, Germany. June 30-July 1, 2005.


Mir, R., Calas, M.B., Jermier,J. & Smircich,  L. Co-organizers/Presenters. Professional Development Workshop (PDW): Philosophies of Organizational Research: What Difference Do They Make? RM, MH Divisions, CMS Interest Group. Academy of Management meetings. New Orleans. August 6, 2004.


Calas, M.B.  & Smircich, L.  "From commune-ism to telework: Gendering the knowledge economy". Symposium paper presented in the symposium Organizing Democracy: 19th Century "isms" for the 21st Century World, L. L. Putnam, chair. OMT, MH Divisions and CMS Interest Group. Academy of Management Meetings, Seattle, WA. August 4, 2003.  

Academic and Professional Activities

Editor-in-Chief  ORGANIZATION: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory & Society (with Marta Calas, Glenn Morgan, Martin Parker) (1994- present) 


Guest Editor Gender, Work & Organization (with M Calas, J. Tiernari,  C. Ellehave) Special Issue on Gender & Ethnicity - In Press.


Guest Editor, Scandinavian Journal of Management (with M Calas, C. Ellehave, C. Holgersson) Special Issue on Diversity Management? Translation? Travel?- Manuscripts now in second round of review. Publication scheduled 2009.


Outstanding College Teacher Award, 2009 Isenberg School of Management


Distinguished PhD Alumni Award, 2008 Syracuse University Whitman School of Management


Sage Award for Scholarly Contribution, 2006 Gender, Diversity & Organizations Division, Academy of Management