Ian Walsh

Assistant Professor of Management

Telephone: 413-545-5632

Email: iwalsh@isenberg.umass.edu

Office: Isenberg 344


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M.Sc., Ph.D, Boston College

M.B.A., Boston University

B.A., Cornell University

Research/Teaching Interests:

Organizational change


Qualitative research methods


Journal Articles: 

Walsh, I.J. & Bartunek, J.M. 2012. Rising from the ashes: Appreciating and fostering post-death organizing.  Organizational Dynamics, 41: 89-98.

Walsh, I.J. & Bartunek, J.M.  2011.  Cheating the Fates: Organizational foundings in the wake of demise.  Academy of Management Journal, 54: 1017-1044.  Selected as a finalist for the AMJ Best Paper of 2011 Award.

Walsh, I.J., Bhatt, M, & Bartunek, J.M. 2009.  Creating organizational knowledge in the Chinese context.  Management and Organization Review, 5: 261-278.

Walsh, I.J. & Glynn, M.A. 2008. The way we were: Legacy organization identity and the role of leadership. Corporate Reputation Review, 11: 262-276.

Bartunek, J.M., Huang, Z. & Walsh, I.J. 2008.  The development of a process model of collective turnover.  Human Relations, 61: 5-38. Recipient of 2008 Human Relations Best Paper Award.

Conference Proceedings: 

Walsh, I.J. 2010.  The Generativity of Doubt in Episodes of Organizational Change.  In L.A. Toombs (Ed.), Proceedings of the Seventieth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (CD), ISSN 1543-8643.


Chapters in Edited Volumes:

Walsh, I.J. & Bartunek, J.M.  2009.  Rescue and recovery: The role of sensemaking and affect in experiences of organizational death.  In K.D. Elsbach & B.A. Bechky (Eds.), Qualitative Organizational Research: Best Papers from the Davis Conference on Qualitative Research, Vol. II: 221-251. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Glynn, M.A. & Walsh, I.J.  2009.  Finding the positive in positive organizational identities.  In L. Morgan Roberts & J. E. Dutton (Eds.), Exploring Positive Identities and Organizations: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation: 471-484. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Walsh, I.J. & Bartunek, J.M. 2007.  Explicit Knowledge.  In S. Clegg and J.M. Bailey (Eds.) International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies.  London: Sage.