Welcome to the Management Department

The Isenberg School's Management program is designed to equip students with the creative problem-solving skills necessary to deftly maneuver through complex business scenarios. Perfect for entrepreneurs, strategic planners, holistic thinkers and cross-departmental connectors, students learn how to confidently make assessments, turn challenges into opportunity and instigate change in diverse business environments.

Our undergraduate Management major allows students to gain broad leadership skills while preparing for careers in a wide variety of industries such as banking, retail, insurance and health care. Students can also choose an area of focus in Sustainable Business Practices.

At the graduate level, Management also plays a key role in Isenberg's nationally recognized MBA program, teaching skills in areas such as strategy, human resources, organizational behavior, and leadership. The management department also offers a PhD program where students can earn concentrations in strategic management and organization studies, preparing for academic careers at some of the nation's best business schools.