Australia Exchange Program

Australian hospitality programs have emerged on the world stage as providers of professional education in hospitality and tourism management. Their courses cover a wide range of industry topics, their populations are diverse, and they attract students from many South Pacific and Asian nations. We are proud to offer an exchange program with Southern Cross University (SCU). The university is located in Lismore, which is a warm climate college town about 90 miles south of Brisbane (about mid-country along the eastern coast). It is very student-friendly, with about 10,000 students over all (it's about a 45-minute ride away from the beach), and has a strong tourism and hospitality program.

Their academic year follows the UMass calendar, so the first term is from late February to mid-June and the second term is from mid-July until November. Keep in mind that their seasons are reversed from ours, so climate-wise the SCU first term (February-June) is summer going into fall and second term (July-November) is winter going into spring. Lismore has a climate similar to that of northern Florida or southern Georgia. It does not snow, but does go down to the 40s and 50s during July and August. In February the temperature can easily exceed 90 degrees. UMass students may exchange for either semester.


Visit the Southern Cross University website.


Contact Information

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Wilson, the HTM International Exchange Coordinator at 413.545.4043 or by e-mail at

The University's International Programs Office is also a strong information resource. The IPO website is informative and their office telephone is 413.545.2710.