Transferring into HTM


Each year, many students transfer into the Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management from other universities, community colleges, and junior colleges normally before beginning their junior year. Students considering transferring, or who have transferred, should be aware of the following University and HTM policies dealing with the transfer of credits.

  •  All students are required to take a minimum of 21 credits in core, track, or upper-division elective courses in the HTM Department.

  •  Transfer credits are granted for courses with a grade of C- or better (1.7 GPA) posted on transcripts completed at or through other accredited institutions of higher education.

  •  Transfer credits are NOT given for vocational or sub-college level courses.

  •  Transfer credits are limited to 75. In other words, a minimum of 45 credits must be earned in residence at UMass Amherst.

  •  Transfer credits are not given for Business English, Business Math, Business Communications, Bookkeeping, Typing, or Office Machine courses.

  •  Transfer credits are not given for any hospitality or tourism program-related practicum courses (internships) or work experience.

  •  A maximum of 30 credits can be transferred if two years of a culinary arts program have been completed.

  •  Normally students transferring from a two-year program should plan on five semesters, or four semesters plus summer school, in order to complete their graduation requirements.

  •  Two-credit courses at other institutions can usually not be transferred for three-credit courses at the University of Massachusetts. The credits will be either accepted as electives or combined to equal an equivalent UMass course.

  •  Courses passed at other institutions with a grade of D may not have to be retaken, but transfer credits for department requirements will not be granted for these courses.

  •  A Computer or Management Information Systems course taken at another institution will satisfy the Department's computer requirements only if PC applications were covered in the course.

  •  Students will be exempt from HT-MGT 370 (Managerial Accounting) only if they have taken a Hotel Accounting course and two previous semesters of Accounting.

  •  A Business Law course does not satisfy the Department's HT-MGT 320 requirement.

  •  The number of work experience hours is 600 for transfer students, of which up to 300 may be credited for industry-related work done prior to admittance to HTM if the work was performed within the year prior to entry into the department.

Usually after admission the University Office of Transfer Affairs evaluates the transcripts and grants transfer credit for all courses except HTM courses. The HTM Department will then evaluate the transcript and recommend transfer credit for HTM courses to the Office of Transfer Affairs. The Department will also determine which courses meet departmental requirements. For course decision reconsideration, a student should file a petition with the Department's Academic Matters Committee.

University's Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Web Page

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