HTM Online Certificate Program Frequently Asked Questions

This page is meant to address some of the questions that potential students have about our Online Certificate Programs.

If you don't see the answer to your particular question, please email us at:

How much does an HTM Certificate Program cost?

The cost for each course is $475 per credit.
Each HTM Online Certificate course is a 3 credit course. So, each HTM course cost is $1,425.  In addition, there is a $45 UMass Continuing Education registration fee per course.

What are the technical requirements for taking courses online?

Technical requirements for online courses can be found at UMassOnline.

Click Here to view their site.

How do I enroll in the certificate program?

There is an online form which can be completed and sent immediately.

Click here to view..

Please allow 5-10 business days for your enrollment to be processed. We will contact you via email when your enrollment is complete or to request additional information.

How do I register for courses and get course descriptions?

You register for courses through Continuing and Professional Education, and the course descriptions are available through the HTM Online website.

Where can I find out about textbooks for online courses?

Required textbook information for courses can be found on the UMass Amherst Continuing Education website where course listings are located.

Textbooks can be purchased online for off-campus and distance learning students. Click Here for more information.

Can I get courses waived or transfer courses from other colleges or institutions?

No. All of the required courses must be taken through the University of Massachusetts Amherst online.

Can full-time students in Hospitality and Tourism Management at UMass Amherst apply for one of the certificate programs?

No. Students who are matriculated in HTM at UMass are not eligible for the certificate programs. This applies to students in other majors as well. In other words, you cannot use the courses you took face-to-face to obtain an online certificate.

Can the certificate courses be used to complete the UMass Amherst HTM online bachelor's degree?

Yes. The courses you took can be applied toward the bachelor's degree requirements if you decide to enroll in the online B.S. in HTM at UMass Amherst. The certificate programs are a good way to determine if you want to get a bachelor's degree in HTM, and if you like the online delivery format.

What should I do when I complete the course requirements for my certificate program?

Once you've completed the course requirements for your particular certificate program, you should submit the Certificate Completion Form. Then, the Program Manager will verify that you've taken the required courses and received a grade of C or better. Finally, your certificate will be processed and mailed to you at the address listed on the completion form.